Joana Schenker Wins 2015 Miss Sumol Cup   (TOP - Joana Schenker in top form photo by Miss Sumol Cup) 30th August 2015 - The Portuguese national bodyboard tour held the 11th Miss Sumol Cup yesterday at Praia da Costa Nova on the Portuguese

Marta Leitão Strengthens Points Lead   23rd July 2015 - The 3rd event of the national Portuguese bodyboard tour was held on the weekend as part of the Ocean Spirit Festival at St. Cruz Beach. The waves were small but contestable for

Madeira is a Portuguese Island off Morocco. A group of inspiring bodyboarders including Boogie Chicks founder Catarina Sousa, got together to host The Bodyboard Girls Experience, it was an event to promote 'Bodyboard Women' and waves of Madeira which involved a series

2nd March 2015 (Top Photo Joana Leitão Carcavelos Under 18s) Champion bodyboarder Catarina Sousa took her group of frothing bodyboarders from The Boogie Chicks School to enter the last of the Carcavelos Junior (under 18s) Regional events over the weekend. On the south-west coast

Story by Emma Cobb (Top photo: Lilly Pollard) Its that time of year again!! The world tour in both mens and womens is complete and there are two new World champions.. There is only one thing left to crown! The Riptide bodyboarder

The 10th Miss Sumol Surf and Bodyboard Cup was held in Costa Nova, Braga, Portugal last week. With some top class waves the girls put on a fantastic display of their skills in both areas. In the Women's bodyboard it was