Rachael is a Doctor of Marine Biology working in Queensland, Australia.

Situated in Brisbane Australia, Rachael has recently returned from five years working for the Department of Parks and Wildlife as the Marine Manager for the Marine Parks near Karratha, off the Pilbara Coast. Rachael spent a lot of time in and around the ocean, it’s her career. An avid diver, she’s been diving since she was 12 years old and feels most calm and relaxed underwater; she even says her heart rate drops 10 bpm once beneath the surface. Her favourite song to work to underwater is the song from Hogan’s Heroes.

Dr. Rachael Marshall The Mermaid SocietyRachael grew up in Sydney, surfing with her brothers at Curl Curl and Freshwater and sailing with her dad until she left school. She’s had a fascination for water and what lies beneath her whole life so it was a natural progression to study Marine Biology at University. Tropical marine biology was what she was drawn to as she progresed with her studies and before she knew it was she was in Queensland in between research trips to Fiji.

Rachael completed her PhD at the University of Queensland, where she focussed on climate change and tropical ecosystems lab, studying corals and the effects of the temperature stress on coral reefs. Whilst she loved the research, the field work on the Great Barrier Reef and the laboratory environment, it was missing the connection to the ‘doing’ and the ‘managing’ and the ‘conserving’. She wanted to work with those that are actively looking after the reefs and preserving them and sharing the importance of them with the people that rely on them, live next to them, travel miles to see them and those that have no idea of their importance. So to cut to the chase, she now manages them and uses all the research and science that goes on across the globe to inform and guide how we manage them as a government and a nation.

She loves her job.

Best experience underwater:

“That’s a hard one – I’ve swum with Whale sharks, Dived with Manta Rays, and humpback whales. One of the best dives I’ve ever done was the Poor Knights in New Zealand, epically cold but amazing. I love diving in temperate waters as much as tropical. There’s just so much to see!!”

Where do you want to dive:

Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia. Red Sea, Israel. Mexico.

What do you do in your spare time:

I’m an artist in my spare time. My business is called Middle of the Water Art ( and I love painting Australian landscapes, both land and sea.

Favourite Quote:

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”. F.Scott Fitzgerald

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