EVENT // ABA WOMEN'S BODYBOARD DBAH PRO   Photos by Shane Chalker Photography It's been a few years since there has been a professional women's bodyboard event in Australia, despite having a number of world champions on our shores. On the weekend the

MAGGIE HIGGINS: Runner Up in the 2018 Mermaid Society Surf Photographer Search Presented by Braven Interview by Fiona Mullen New Jersey (NJ) isn’t the first place you think of when you hear of surfing in The States. Although, in the past few years photos

Blaze Roberts: Runner Up in the 2018 Mermaid Society Surf Photographer Search Native to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, 16 year old Blaze Roberts bought herself a Canon camera at age 12 to take photos of her friends surfing. Blaze surfs nearly everyday,

ALICE FORREST // WORLD OCEANS DAY  The Future Of The Ocean: A Positive View The Five Biggest Impacts Facing Our Oceans, plus Five Easy Ways You Can Make A Difference. Don’t worry, this is not another doom & gloom article about how

Bella Now: On The Horizon  VIDEO // ISABELLA NICHOLS Isabella Nichols latest edit is here to show the world her surfing is only getting better. From the sand bottom shores of Iluka, Australia to the sharp reef bottom at Lakey Peak in

EVENT // 2018 CORONA BALI PROTECTED PRESENTED BY HURLEY Lakey Peterson has today claimed her second World Surf League World Tour Event for 2018 at the Bali Protected at Keramas beach. In probably some of the cleanest, most devine looking waves,

FEATURE // SURFAID #NEVERFORGETTHELOCALS Video by The Mermaid Society for SurfAid Original Composition by Walsh Brothers Voiceover by Lucy Kuner Additional footage provided by Billabong SurfAid is a non-profit that are making a real difference. Why do we love them? Their purpose is to improve the

VIDEO // CLIP OF THE WEEK  Video by Luka Raubenheimer Featuring Jaleesa Vincent Music by La Luze, Sleep Til They Die & Hankwood & The Hammer Heads, The Ghost Animations by Jaleesa Vincent One of our faves from the Sunny Coast, who lead the way

It is with our great pleasure that we announce the winners of the third International Surf Photographer Search presented by our good friends at BRAVEN AUDIO. In 2018 we had over 200 entries and were overwhelmed with the response as well as

Let's Get Some Real Advice About Being Stronger & More Mobile When I was at school, I remember the sports teachers harping on about stretching. There was the lift your arm up into the air and slightly bend one, the lift CONGRATULATIONS to our 20 Finalists for the 2018 International Surf Photographer Search presented by Braven Audio.  To VOTE, click on the image above. Here are our finalist's Instagram pages: Angela Finch, Western Australia Blaze Roberts, Sydney Brittani Nicholl, Cabarita Carolina Mosso, Argentina

SURF GETAWAYS // FEATURE Why Isn't Surfing Fun For Me & How Do I Change That? How good is it to see photos and videos of your favourite surfers, even just girls ripping out at your local beach, with the biggest smiles

2018 INTERNATIONAL SURF PHOTOGRAPHER SEARCH FOR WOMEN, PRESENTED BY BRAVEN AUDIO  WILL YOU BE THE NEXT BIG THING? It's back! The last Mermaid Society International Photographer Search for Women in 2015 received 183 entries from as far as Russia, Iceland, Nova Scotia,

INTERVIEW // 2018 INTERNATIONAL SURF PHOTOGRAPHER SEARCH PRESENTED BY BRAVEN TIPS & STORIES FROM A PROFESSIONAL SURF PHOTOGRAPHER Kirstin Scholtz is one of our esteemed judges for the 2018 International Surf Photographer Search presented by Braven. (Enter here now) If there is

FILM // NEVER TOWN, PRESENTED BY PATAGONIA There are films that are produced every now and then that really mean something. They have messages that have the power to shift thinking and action across a generation. Patagonia is known for making

CLIP OF THE WEEK // PHILIPPA ANDERSON  Video by Philippa's Dad & Shane Blue Soundtrack 'Knife' by Bad Pony This week a surprise swell and offshore autumn winds threw out some nice looking waves on the New South Wales coastline. Looks like top-running

OPINION // SALTWATER PILGRIM LUCY SMALL  #BeBrave, Use Your Voice I have always thought that the best way to overcome the gender divide was to be excellent. Train, study, practise, be better. “Be so good they can’t ignore you,” I heard a