THE MERMAID SOCIETY // SURFING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TOURWell, it looks like the World Surf League has reshuffled, added and taken away tour spots for the 2018 World Championship Tour, and in our opinion, it's all for the better. Best news,

FEATURE // SURFING IN CHINASurfing in China is a new idea and a new sport. It could be because it is now an Olympic sport, or simply because surf tourism is hot. Of course, right now you wouldn't think about

PODCAST // CAROLINE MARKS INTERVIEWJust yesterday I caught up with Caroline Marks. She's had a crazy couple of weeks, as she describes it. On her flight home from Australia after getting knocked out of the final Qualifying Series event of

FEATURE // ENVIRONMENT // ALICE FORREST There Is No 'Away'. Almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists, which means those items we use for a couple of minutes can last forever. And, potentially end up in our oceans.The amazing image

FEATURE // CLIP OF THE WEEK  Grace Doyle is from Tramore, south-east of Ireland. It's no tropical surf destination, but it gets some pretty epic swells whipped up from the mighty North Atlantic Ocean. In July, during the European summer the

This is a complicated time of year in surfing. There are numbers and formulas going round and round, rumours and speculation as to who can win what or get what points to get where. I'm not a numbers person so

Fran Miller Leads An Extraordinary Life As A Photographer Fran Miller grew up in Sydney, Australia and has developed into one of Australia / the world's best female surf photographers. She's one of the biggest frothers on life and with her love of

INTERVIEW // 2017 RED BULL QUEEN OF THE BAY, WAIMEA BAY HAWAII[Top photo by Ryan Epstein, Tayla charging in south Western Australia]We're nearly at the end of the inaugural Red Bull Queen Of The Bay Championships waiting period (October 1 -

FEATURE // CLIP OF THE WEEKEdit by Ethan Kelly Soundtrack 'I Wanna Fight' by The Ruminaters There is more to 14-year-old Zahli Kelly from New South Wales than this 60 seconds of radical air surfing. She wants to be a physicist, but

FEATURE // LIPPED, THE SURFERS' PODCASTTwo times Pe'ahi Challenge champion Paige Alms has confessed in an interview with James Miles that she hadn't had a paddle surf session since last year's event. The big wave surfer from Maui reveals her intense

Prize Money Equality Finally Arrives In Surfing In a move that has automatically made Surfing Victoria our new favourite sporting body in the world, the Phillip Island Pro will award the female winners of this weekend's event equal prize money.A statement

THE UNQUANTIFIED COOK SERIES | Presented by The Free Range ButcherWith Laura GonzalesIf you knew me 15 years ago you would be shocked. I was a picky ‘vegetarian’ living on hot chips, cheese breadsticks, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with

Photo by Troy Ikaikanui Vore-HoWe've been following the barreling good times of Hawaiian twins Ginger and Jasmine Banner and each time you see one of their 'tube-tacular' photos pop up you feel an elation, a happiness, a sense of pure STOKE.

Story by Dr. Rachael MiddlebrookHow do you stay surf fit when there are no waves around? How do you keep those triceps and shoulders toned, ready for the next epic swell or just to keep your fitness up so you

Best Female Big Wave Surfers Prepare For Inaugural Queen Of The Bay Event At Waimea Bay Photo by @raquelheckert93 THE INFO: The Red Bull Queen of the Bay event will be held at the famous Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu

Women Make A Stand And Raise Their Voices For Equality At Professional Sporting Level Photo by Red Bull Content Pool 2016 Red Bull Heavy Water event.The question is simple "What do we want for our sisters and daughters?" Current world #1 Annabel

SMARTER SURFING: Smartfin, A fin so smart it saves your break while you surf Story by Alice ForrestThe future of surfboard fins has arrived. Imagine a world where just paddling out at your favourite break would be actively helping to protect

Kids & Waves: Tips That Worked For Me Story by Sally Mac. You're a mum, aunty, grandma, cousin, friend or nanny who loves the ocean and you've got little kids who you want to embrace and enjoy it as much as you

Story by Tarnea O'MearaThere are some things that I do in the morning no matter what day it is, where it is and what my schedule is like. These things just don't go astray and get me ready for the

World Class Women's Big Wave Event At Mavericks Locked In The World Surf Leauge has announced that the Titan Of Mavericks event at the infamous Mavericks big wave spot in northern California will be locked in, and it will include women.The