Rip Curl supports some of the world's best surf athletes, and their wetsuits and gear is the goods. The company is based out of Torquay, just a stone's throw from the iconic Bells Beach and some of the most incredible

PODCAST // EPISODE 5 WITH ROSY HODGEAnd here we are at episode five already. Another entertaining and inspirational chat with a remarkable girl of the sea, Rosy Hodge. Rosy grew up in South Africa and spent her childhood cruising the

VIDEO // CLIP OF THE WEEK Rubie Reents is from the NSW South Coast where the waves are plenty (and heavy) and the people few. She was lucky enough to have the influence of 1991 World Champion Pam Burridge in her

Billabong was founded in 1973 and has been a major part of surfing and the surf industries development over that time. They continue to support women with their dynamic designs and prints each year and are sponsors of some of

HEALTH FEATURE // THE BUCHA OR BYRON Kombucha has appeared in a lot of fridges over the last 12 months and is said to have some pretty phenomenal health benefits. So we're taking a look at what it really is and the

PODCAST // EPISODE 4 WITH BELINDA BAGGS Belinda Baggs is a mother, water woman in every sense, a conservationist and ambassador for Patagonia. She's one of those people who is so in tune with life and the ocean, you can't help

EVENT // 2017/18 RIP CURL GROM SEARCH AUSTRALIAN FINALSAll of a sudden my eyes have been opened to the radical development of a sport by it's most junior athletes. This week the Rip Curl Grom Search Australian finals were held

TARNEA O'MEARA // HEALTH There is nothing (NOTHING) better than a smoothie bowl to kickstart the day. The smooth, cold fruity mix is the perfect way to quench a morning appetite and fill your tummy up with a nutritious balance of

EVENT | 2017 WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPSWhat a week! 18 of the best surfers in the world travelled to Kiama on the NSW South Coast to contest the World Junior Championships. You've never seen women's junior surfing look so damn good

EVENT // 2018 BURLEIGH HEADS SINGLE FIN FESTIVALIt was a little over zero feet but the 2018 Burleigh Heads Single Fin Festival was alive and kicking with locals and competitors saying it was the biggest crowds they'd seen at the

ALICE FORREST // ENVIRONMENT The Future Of The Ocean: A Positive View The Five Biggest Impacts Facing Our Oceans, plus Five Easy Ways You Can Make A Difference.Don’t worry, this is not another doom & gloom article about how we’re trashing

CLIP OF THE WEEK // CHELSEA TUACH Wandering El Salvador Part II IT's her go-to surf trip adventure spot, because simply when you live in the Caribbean you've got the whole of South America at your fingertips. Chelsea took a trip to

PODCAST // EPISODE 3 WITH IZZI GOMEZ If you've been reading stories and results on The Mermaid Society since we first started then you'll know a little about Floridian Izzi Gomez. She's the SUP surfing prodigal grom who, in 2017 has won // 2017 WOMEN'S WETSUIT GUIDEWe are so incredibly stoked to bring you a world first. It's the biggest women's wetsuit review and guide ever undertaken and it's right here for your viewing pleasure, so jump on in and let

TRAVEL // LIV STOKESThe 2017 Pan American Trial surf event was held this month in Punta Rocas, south of Lima and I was fortunate to to spend ten days there with the Canadian National Surf Team. Punta Rocas is about one-and-a-half

HOW TO BUY SERIES // PART I, FOAMIES & SOFTBOARDS FOR CHRISTMASSO MANY people are daunted by these questions in the lead up to Christmas. One piece of equipment that is the most daunting, purely because of the cost/investment is

FEATURE // INTERVIEWHanalei Reponty is not your average designer. Born in Tahiti, the 27-year-old mermaid through and through, grew up among the luscious, volcanic archipelago of the South Pacific where family, the village, fresh food and the ocean go hand-in-hand.

PODCAST // EPISODE 2 WITH TYLER WRIGHT This week we were lucky enough to sit down with now two times World Surfing Champion Tyler Wright, thanks to Rip Curl. She was on a whirlwind, 48 hour trip back to Australia before returning

FEATURE // 2017 WOMEN'S SURFBOARD GUIDEPresented by Braven Audio, The Bucha of Byron & The Surf Meal Co.Last week we paid a visit to our mate Tim at Aloha in Manly. He knows more about boards than nearly anyone and

EVENT // 2017 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR SURFING TITLESOver the last ten days Australia's best junior surfers have taken up residence at Culburra Beach in NSW. It's home to, now two time World Champion Tyler Wright and her family and the groms