FEATURE // VIDEO  She's now 18. For her 18th birthday in February, she went to Tahiti and got pitted. She's come a long way since first joining the World Surf League Championship Tour two years ago as the youngest ever athlete

FEATURE // VIDEO Now that endemic surf brands have lost their soul and budgets have been slashed, it's great to see Audi put together a team of incredible creatives and three of our favourite surfers. Watch Steph Gilmore, Coco Ho and Leah

FEATURE // VIDEO Since talking to 16-year-old Caroline Marks earlier in the year, I decided that she really was the future of surfing. It wasn't just the way she talked, but the depth to every answer. Turns out, it's not just

VIDEO // PRESENTED BY RIP CURL When you're really (really) good at something, people will do a lot to give you the best conditions to do it in. Earlier this year, it's now been revealed, Mick Fanning and the tight Rip Curl

FEATURE // CLIP OF THE WEEK Edit by Ethan Kelly Soundtrack 'I Wanna Fight' by The Ruminaters  There is more to 14-year-old Zahli Kelly from New South Wales than this 60 seconds of radical air surfing. She wants to be a physicist, but

EVENT // 2018 CORONA PRO J-BAY A lot has been happening for the world's peak surfing body this week. Between failed live streams to the equality issues, their PR team have been working overtime. All while one of the emotionally super-charged

FEATURE // CLIP OF THE WEEK  Story by Fiona Mullen The Surfing Heritage and Culture Center (SHACC) last week launched a new exhibit and gala, Women Making Waves. The exhibit has been created to honour four significant women in surfing’s history – Joyce

VIDEO // BELLS BEACH 2017 This time last year, the then 14-year-olds Angela Ball and Arabella Wilson woke up as the sun rose over the iconic Bells Beach. As they approached the car park that overlooks the beach from Rincon through

Taking A Step Back In Sri Lanka  VIDEO // SOUL&SURF RETREATS Not just any surf retreat, Soul&Surf have a number of locations available to guests in India and Sri Lanka. Yoga, meditation, and cultural insight, as well as surfing some of the

FEATURE // SURFAID #NEVERFORGETTHELOCALS Video by The Mermaid Society for SurfAid Original Composition by Walsh Brothers Voiceover by Lucy Kuner Additional footage provided by Billabong SurfAid is a non-profit that are making a real difference. Why do we love them? Their purpose is to improve the

VIDEO // CLIP OF THE WEEK  Video by Luka Raubenheimer Featuring Jaleesa Vincent Music by La Luze, Sleep Til They Die & Hankwood & The Hammer Heads, The Ghost Animations by Jaleesa Vincent One of our faves from the Sunny Coast, who lead the way

FILM // NEVER TOWN, PRESENTED BY PATAGONIA There are films that are produced every now and then that really mean something. They have messages that have the power to shift thinking and action across a generation. Patagonia is known for making

CLIP OF THE WEEK // PHILIPPA ANDERSON  Video by Philippa's Dad & Shane Blue Soundtrack 'Knife' by Bad Pony This week a surprise swell and offshore autumn winds threw out some nice looking waves on the New South Wales coastline. Looks like top-running

VIDEO // SHAKIRA WESTDORP SUP CHAMPION Video by Matty Schweitzer Last week Shakira Westdorp headed out to Tahiti from her home in Queensland on a surf trip that included a catalogue shoot for her sponsor Starboard. It was the Australian champion stand-up paddler's

WORLD SURF LEAGUE // 2018 BIG WAVE AWARDS WHO WILL BE THE 2018 WOMEN'S BIG WAVE SURFER OF THE YEAR? The World Surf League's Big Wave Awards are back in 2018 and we have a highly competitive women's award division. In its

 CLIP OF THE WEEK // AMBER MOZO FORGIVING PIPELINE  We have been sharing the work of 22-year-old Amber Mozo for years. She travels the world shooting the most idyllic locations, beautiful waves and people. She's a Hawaiian native so picture perfect

Will Coco Ho Hoist A World Title Trophy Above Her Head Like Her Dad? CLIP OF THE WEEK // XO COCO HO PRESENTED BY VOLCOM  2018 marks Coco Ho's tenth year on the world championship tour and before that she dominated the Hawaiian

VIDEO // CLIP OF THE WEEK  Rubie Reents is from the NSW South Coast where the waves are plenty (and heavy) and the people few. She was lucky enough to have the influence of 1991 World Champion Pam Burridge in her

CLIP OF THE WEEK // CHELSEA TUACH Wandering El Salvador Part II IT's her go-to surf trip adventure spot, because simply when you live in the Caribbean you've got the whole of South America at your fingertips. Chelsea took a trip to FEATURE // 2017 WOMEN'S WETSUIT GUIDE We are so incredibly stoked to bring you a world first. It's the biggest women's wetsuit review and guide ever undertaken and it's right here for your viewing pleasure, so jump on in and let