Bethany Hamilton Spends The Day At The Kelly Slater Surf Ranch She's one of the most influential females of our time – as an athlete, woman and mother. Bethany Hamilton keeps moving from strength to strength and this month has been one

Carissa Moore Reveals Reality Of Not Winning Half Way Through Season 3 x World Surfing Champion Carissa Moore has opened up in a video interview with The Inertia. After a shock round four loss at the US Open of Surfing in

VIDEO BY SHANE CHALKER MUSIC BY JAMES BENNETT FEATURING LILLY POLLARD & MILLIE CHALKER You know how sometimes you meet someone who has an immediate live-spark. A spirit that can literally walk through a room, turn heads and draw you in. Lilly Pollard

Leah Dawson is one of the rare surfing talents of our age. Her style is so classic yet she is pushing her surfing into incredible new ground. It kind of makes you step back and look at how romantic and smooth the

In the lead up the World Qualifying Series event at Anglet that runs between 22-26 August 2017, the event organisers have run a speciality event to rev up the summer energy in the coastal town. Surf De Nuit is a

Video: Leave A Message Featuring: Carissa Moore, Coco Ho, Laura Enever, Malia Manuel, Monyca Byrne-Wickey & Lakey Peterson Back in 2011 Nike was getting into surf and had signed up the top surfers in the world to represent their new action sports segment,

In the lead up to the Swatch Girls Pro at Trestles in California this week, Tatiana and our friends at Body Glove have put together this clip about Tati's journey so far with a glimpse of the new season Body

Video: Noam Eshel Music: Erykah Badu - The Healer She's at it again. One of our favourites, Caity Griffin is smashing out a couple of 360s and smooth moves in the Maldives. Shot in early August in North Male Atoll this

ESPN has produced this great clip with Carissa Moore, one of the most amazing and powerful surfers of the current women's surf era. As part of the What Makes Us series it's plainly titled 'RISS' The video speaks for itself, but

Feeling cold? Wait until you watch this glorious clip that Courtney Conlogue has just dropped. The current World number one hasn't just fought her way to the top by chance. Check. It. Out.

Earlier this year the best longboarders in the world descended upon Bali to take part in the Deus Ladies Longboard Invitational and 9 Foot & Single event. Leah Dawson, Kassia Maedor, Mele Saili, Lola Mignot and Karina Rozunko amongst a very talented line

CLIP OF THE WEEK with Betty Lou 'Freshly 10' (TOP - Photo by Spencer Suitt)   Betty Lou Sakura Johnson is 'Freshly 10". Born and raised on the North Shore of O'hau has meant being exposed and inspired by the biggest and best

CLIP OF THE WEEK with Georgia Fish // Elsewhere (TOP - Just one of many barrels photo by @inwaterwetrust)   Georgia Fish has been travelling South America after competing in the Los Cabos Open of Surf and is now in Mexico where she is

Philippa Anderson at Large and Hungry for Success (TOP - Philippa at Surfest by Throwing Buckets)   16th July 2015 - Philippa Anderson is undoubtably one of the best competitive surfers in Australia but after being dropped by her financial sponsor she's struggling to

This week Sanuk welcomed their newest ambassador, Lauren Hill. (see also Lucy Callister joins the Australian team) Lauren brings to the surface the true love of the water and the simplicity of riding small waves. She's also an environmentalist and down-to-earth

Holly Wawn is home in between WQS events and luckily we scored a little pulse swell as we continue throwing together our short film utilizing her retro twin fin. CHECK OUT THIS MERMAID SOCIETY PRODUCTION

Felicity Palmateer Rides Biggest Wave Ever by a Female in Australia at Cow Bombie   At just 22 she's an artist, conservationist, competitive surfer and now BIG WAVE SURFER! (See our latest chat with her about her art) Last week as the Indian Ocean XXL Swell

Kelia Moniz is at it again. Grabbing international attention for some gnarly-graceful surfing. This time she's in Tahiti at the world's heaviest wave where wipe-outs are death-defying and terrifying. Not for the faint-hearted and you wouldn't think for the long