Girls dominate at Carcavelos Junior Regional Event Portugal

2nd March 2015

(Top Photo Joana Leitão Carcavelos Under 18s)

Champion bodyboarder Catarina Sousa took her group of frothing bodyboarders from The Boogie Chicks School to enter the last of the Carcavelos Junior (under 18s) Regional events over the weekend. On the south-west coast of Portugal there were perfect waves 2-3 foot were on offer for the girls during the competition and it was great to have the opportunity for the kids to take part in the regional tour.

The event allowed the girls with the combined highest scores of the first 2 rounds to progress to the finals.

Teresa Padrela was a clear winner taking first in both her rounds of the under 18’s with some amazing skills on the waves to defeat fellow Boogie Chick Joana Leitão.

Mariana Rosa was the champion of the circuit in the under-12 category and another great stand out with refined skills in the under 12s division defeating 2 boys to take top spot on the podium. It was right at the final buzzer that Mariana performed a perfect roll to take the win in her division with a big point scoring wave.

Congratulations to all the girls with great results.

Carcavelos Under 18 Results

1st Teresa Padrela (Boogie Chicks School)
2nd Joana Leitão (Boogie Chicks School)
3rd Carlota Rodrigues
4th Teresa Padrão (Boogie Chicks School)

Carcavelos Under 12 Results (mixed)

1st Mariana Rosa
2nd Ricardo Mourão
3rd Pedro Ferreira
4th Madalena Padrela (Boogie Chicks School)

Thanks to the event sponsorsZion Wetsuits, Versus Bodyboard,, Quiksilver, RoxyShOOt Me, Refresh Bodyboards, Bana, Beach House, Boogie Chicks, new wave, Pure Emocean,Young Academy, Aquacarca, Recreativo e Cultural Center Thursday chines, Union of parishes of Carcavelos and wall and Câmara Municipal de Cascais.

Carcavelos Under 12

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