ALICE FORREST // WORLD OCEANS DAY  The Future Of The Ocean: A Positive View The Five Biggest Impacts Facing Our Oceans, plus Five Easy Ways You Can Make A Difference. Don’t worry, this is not another doom & gloom article about how

FILM // NEVER TOWN, PRESENTED BY PATAGONIA There are films that are produced every now and then that really mean something. They have messages that have the power to shift thinking and action across a generation. Patagonia is known for making

ALICE FORREST // ENVIRONMENT  Ingestion of plastic by fish destined for human consumption in remote South Pacific Islands This week my research findings - on plastic inside commonly eaten fish in the South Pacific - were published in the Australian Journal of Maritime

Story by Dr. Rachael Middlebrook “I wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I grew up.” “Ever since I saw that Seinfeld episode about George and the dolphin, I wanted to be a marine biologist.” “My son/daughter watched Finding Nemo and now want

PODCAST // EPISODE 4 WITH BELINDA BAGGS  Belinda Baggs is a mother, water woman in every sense, a conservationist and ambassador for Patagonia. She's one of those people who is so in tune with life and the ocean, you can't help

FEATURE // ENVIRONMENT // ALICE FORREST There Is No 'Away'. Almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists, which means those items we use for a couple of minutes can last forever. And, potentially end up in our oceans. The amazing image

SMARTER SURFING: Smartfin, A fin so smart it saves your break while you surf Story by Alice Forrest The future of surfboard fins has arrived. Imagine a world where just paddling out at your favourite break would be actively helping to protect

A 10 kilometre Paddling mission was taken on by 6 super groms on International Surf Day, Saturday 20th June, from Snapper Rocks to Laceys, Palm Beach in support of a Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve. Competitive surfers Pacha Light 14, and Kiani

Saturday 20th June 2015 is International Surfing Day in support of our Oceans, Waves and Beaches. Launched by The Surfrider Foundation 11 years ago to fall on the Summer/Winter Solstice each year, International Surfing Day involves over 30 countries and hosts over 200 events

Monday 8th June is World Oceans Day and what better way in the lead up to the day that celebrates the greatest mass on our planet than talking to the people who dedicate their lives to protecting it. Angela van Boxtel is

Jamie Van Jones has made some decisions and she's on her way to embarking on a sailing adventure with her husband that has been 7 years in the making. As we speak Jamie and her hubby are on their way

Interview by Dr Rachael Marshall Girls on Ice is a unique, FREE, wilderness science education program for high school girls. Each year two teams of 9 teenage girls and 3 instructors spend 12 days exploring and learning about mountain glaciers and

Interview by Roisin Carolan “When a person knows who she really is, once she understands her true wild oceanic self, she discovers her Old Mermaid self.” — Myla Alvarez, Church of the Old Mermaids (Top photo Mahina Mermaid photo by Scott Needham)  Mahina Mermaid is a brand

Our contributing marine scientist is heading to Antarctica – and it’s all in a bid to elevate women in leadership roles across the globe!     Our very own Dr Rachael Marshall has been selected to accompany 42 women from around the world

Story by Dr. Rachael Marshall Introducing “Coastal Walkabout” Document wildlife sightings wherever you are and help collate a nation-wide database “Not to sound too deep or weird, but I think that the times when you really appreciate surfing are the times you’re really

Story by Alice Forrest Last week saw a conservative estimate of the amount of plastic in our oceans set at 5 trillion pieces. It also saw a Risso’s dolphin wash up on a Sydney beach, with a plastic bag in its gut.

( Top Photo Kirra-Belle Olsson Wins Under 18s Photo: Surfing NSW) IT was a big return to the competition scene for recent shark attack victim Kirra-Belle Olsson this weekend on the NSW South Coast. After being out of the water for

Story by Emma-Jane Eeles Beach Litter. Coke cans, cigarette butts, bottle top lids, ice-cream containers, beer bottles

 Story by Dr. Rachael Marshall Scientifically Designed Shark Deterrent Wetsuits, are they the future of surfing?  Western Australian based company Radiator Wetsuits, has launched a new range of wetsuit designs which utilise breakthrough science on shark sensory systems to develop combinations of

Story by Alice Forrest I’m currently anchored out at the legendary Cloudbreak, Fiji on a catamaran watching a white froth of waves breaking along the horizon. However it isn’t the perfect peeling waves or the rainbow wonderland of snorkelling that have