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Liv Stokes is a thirteen-year-old surfer from Orange County, California. Born in Laguna Beach, she has lived in the OC her whole life and started surfing about four years ago. You can’t keep this super grom off a board these days whether its competing or enjoying sliding with the Californian surf city vibe, Liv is out there.

“Our family had just returned from a three week holiday in Canada, and my mum thought that my sisters and I might like to try a surf lesson before school started.” Says Liv of her first surf experience. “Once I had my first lesson, I knew I loved it. That year, I received my first surfboard for my birthday. Best birthday present, ever!”

Liv spent the first year of her surfing life frothing on an 8 foot board before moving down in size to the smaller, short boards. ‘I always loved being in the water, but really loved watching the longboarders.” So she switched to long boarding about a year ago and is dawn to it’s technical complexities. Noseriding, cutbacks and reading the waves are all part of the combo of manoeuvres that draw her to the logs.

“Longboarding is always challenging and fun.” Says Liv “I’ll still bring out my shortboard, when the conditions call for it, but I’d definitely choose to longboard any day!”

“My passion for surfing and my love for the ocean defines who I am. I love being in the water. I surf nearly every morning before school and it always sets me up for a successful day.”

People like Mike Stidham, Tory Gilkerson, Karina Rozunko, Joel Tudor and Kassia Meador inspire Liv to push herself and her skills on the longboard. Their rhythmic style and flow is something that she’s picking up as she develops her own individual style. She says “I get to see some of my favourite surfers out at SanO, it’s great. I’m always learning something new from them just by being in the water and watching them.”

Aside from her mermaid-eske surfing abilities, Liv has been reporting on the events in California for us and she has developed such a fantastic writing style that we’re stoked to welcome her to The Mermaid Society Team as a contributor. Liv says “I’ve been honing my writing skills in my school’s yearbook and newspaper where I was an editor. I love writing about surfing, because it’s something that I’m around everyday and really love. I’m super stoked to be a contributor with The Mermaid Society.”

She’s is a great competitor, taking part in many of the East Coast of America’s junior and open events. She’s our number one Californian correspondent and she’s just 13! “I travel up and down the California coast with the WSA (Western Surfing Association), and with the Doheny Longboard Surfing Association, where we compete in the Coalition Contests”.

We look forward to watching Liv’s surfing and writing flourish.

Liv is proudly supported by; Hobie Surf Shop, SanO Boardriding and Sticky Bumps

Liv Stokes Photo by Luki O’Keefe

Liv Stokes Photo by Luki O’Keefe

Liv Stokes Photo by Luki O’Keefe

Liv Stokes Photo by Luki O’Keefe

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