Lucy Small


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LUCY SMALL from Western Australia is driven by a strong internal energy and passion for surfing, travel and writing. She’s experienced the world and is not afraid to cross borders, physically and metaphorically.

As a writer, she’s gone through the paces as an intern, sub-editor, editor and contributing journalist where she’s confronted, argued and supported many high-level issues to affect change, especially for women, refugees, and equality.

Lucy Small

I remember chatting to Lucy in 2017 when she was tossing up whether to head to the West Bank in Palestine. I was so apprehensive, as a mum and friend, about her being alone as a woman and a journalist but was also comforted by her strength and incredible intuition to do what she needed to do. She has a fierce determination to undo the injustices in the world or at least assist with setting them in motion for repair and an emotional sensitivity that allows her in, to understand

Her passport currently has stamps from Nz
Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Palestine, U.K., Spain, France, Ireland, Portugal, Holland, USA, Mexico, Canada, Swaziland and Vanuatu. Everytime Luce and I talk, her opening is, ‘I’m currently in…’.

As she continues her intrepid adventures, we are inspired more than ever by her, her discoveries and her writing. She now works as a freelance writer and can be contacted through The Mermaid Society.

You can follow Lucy’s adventures on her own blog, SALTWATER PILGRIM and follow her on Instagram @saltwaterpilgrim


Stories from Lucy include: