FEATURE // CLIP OF THE WEEK Edit by Ethan Kelly Soundtrack 'I Wanna Fight' by The Ruminaters  There is more to 14-year-old Zahli Kelly from New South Wales than this 60 seconds of radical air surfing. She wants to be a physicist, but

FEATURE // PHOTOGRAPHER INSIGHT WINNER OF 2018 Mermaid Society Surf Photographer Search Presented by Braven Interview by Fiona Mullen Looking at this mermaids photos, would you believe she has only been photographing surf for three years? Well, it’s true. Born and raised in Moscow Russia, Margarita

EVENT // 2018 PUERTO ESCONDIDO CUP  One after the other, events and event directors are waking up. Many events now beginning to draw a women's division and hopefully bring us and our daughters, closer to equality in sport. (If only the

FEATURE // PHOTOGRAPHER INSIGHT Runner Up in the 2018 Mermaid Society Surf Photographer Search Presented by Braven Interview by Fiona Mullen Johanna Brebner, 24, was born and raised in the small coastal town of Ohope Beachin the North Island of New Zealand. The Sunshine

Blaze Roberts: Runner Up in the 2018 Mermaid Society Surf Photographer Search Native to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, 16 year old Blaze Roberts bought herself a Canon camera at age 12 to take photos of her friends surfing. Blaze surfs nearly everyday,

INTERVIEW // 2018 INTERNATIONAL SURF PHOTOGRAPHER SEARCH PRESENTED BY BRAVEN TIPS & STORIES FROM A PROFESSIONAL SURF PHOTOGRAPHER Kirstin Scholtz is one of our esteemed judges for the 2018 International Surf Photographer Search presented by Braven. (Enter here now) If there is

PODCAST // EPISODE 6 WITH KASSIA MEADOR Kassia Meador Is A Leader In Women’s Longboarding & A Surf Industry Entrepreneur Photos by Dane Peterson Visit KASSIA + SURF When you’re out in the line up, packed or alone, it feels like you’re part of

Cait Miers Lives The Life Your Dream Of 25-year-old Cait Miers sat on the pointy volcanic rock platform at Snapper Rocks as a teenager with a camera in hand. Once her finger pressed down on her first image she was hooked.

PODCAST // EPISODE 5 WITH ROSY HODGE And here we are at episode five already. Another entertaining and inspirational chat with a remarkable girl of the sea, Rosy Hodge. Rosy grew up in South Africa and spent her childhood cruising the

FEATURE // INTERVIEW Hanalei Reponty is not your average designer. Born in Tahiti, the 27-year-old mermaid through and through, grew up among the luscious, volcanic archipelago of the South Pacific where family, the village, fresh food and the ocean go hand-in-hand.

PODCAST // EPISODE 2 WITH TYLER WRIGHT  This week we were lucky enough to sit down with now two times World Surfing Champion Tyler Wright, thanks to Rip Curl. She was on a whirlwind, 48 hour trip back to Australia before returning

PODCAST // EPISODE 1 WITH CAROLINE MARKS  Just yesterday I caught up with Caroline Marks. She's had a crazy couple of weeks, as she describes it. On her flight home from Australia after getting knocked out of the final Qualifying Series

Fran Miller Leads An Extraordinary Life As A Photographer Fran Miller grew up in Sydney, Australia and has developed into one of Australia / the world's best female surf photographers. She's one of the biggest frothers on life and with her love of

INTERVIEW // 2017 RED BULL QUEEN OF THE BAY, WAIMEA BAY HAWAII [Top photo by Ryan Epstein, Tayla charging in south Western Australia] We're nearly at the end of the inaugural Red Bull Queen Of The Bay Championships waiting period (October 1 -

THE MERMAID SOCIETY | SUP WORLD TOUR Australia's Terrene Black has been crowned 2017 APP World Racing Champion after winning events in both Japan and Maui this year. The Association of Paddlesurf Professionals tour was first started in 2012 and this year

Photo by Troy Ikaikanui Vore-Ho We've been following the barreling good times of Hawaiian twins Ginger and Jasmine Banner and each time you see one of their 'tube-tacular' photos pop up you feel an elation, a happiness, a sense of pure STOKE.

Carissa Moore Reveals Reality Of Not Winning Half Way Through Season 3 x World Surfing Champion Carissa Moore has opened up in a video interview with The Inertia. After a shock round four loss at the US Open of Surfing in

Leah Dawson is one of the rare surfing talents of our age. Her style is so classic yet she is pushing her surfing into incredible new ground. It kind of makes you step back and look at how romantic and smooth the

BEHIND THE PHOTO WITH MIA MCCARTHY There's no denying Western Australia has some of the most stunning coastal landscapes on earth. Mia McCarthy doesn't deny it. The waves are big, beautiful and mostly isolated but they have a power in them

Story originally published on Coastalwatch for Canon BELINDA BAGGS. The elegance and purity of her demeanor in the water is not possessed by many. It’s a look, a feeling, a vibe that transcends the lens and onto paper too. The Newcastle