Carissa Moore Reveals Reality Of Not Winning Half Way Through Season 3 x World Surfing Champion Carissa Moore has opened up in a video interview with The Inertia. After a shock round four loss at the US Open of Surfing in

Leah Dawson is one of the rare surfing talents of our age. Her style is so classic yet she is pushing her surfing into incredible new ground. It kind of makes you step back and look at how romantic and smooth the

BEHIND THE PHOTO WITH MIA MCCARTHY There's no denying Western Australia has some of the most stunning coastal landscapes on earth. Mia McCarthy doesn't deny it. The waves are big, beautiful and mostly isolated but they have a power in them

Story originally published on Coastalwatch for Canon BELINDA BAGGS. The elegance and purity of her demeanor in the water is not possessed by many. It’s a look, a feeling, a vibe that transcends the lens and onto paper too. The Newcastle

Story originally published on Coastalwatch for Canon Brooke Farris. She’s not a former World Championship Tour surfer you thought you’d never heard of; despite charging a lineup of the best waves on the planet, being at nearly every World Title presentation

In 2015 Sophie Hardcastle, a surfer from Sydney, published her first book 'Running Like China'. It's a book like not other, delving into the deep mysteries of mental illness of a young girl and the life her family and friends

Photographer Insight: Mandy Zieren Mandy is one of our favourite surf photographers. She also placed as a runner up in the 2015 Ocean & Earth Surf Photographer Search with 3 stunning shots including the fave of perfect Pipeline. Mandy has come

Arena Rodriguez Joins Sofia Mulanovich's Surfing Performance Program in Peru Arena Rodriguez is just 9 years old and has spent those 9 years growing up in Lima Peru. She's in love with her sport and started bodyboarding three years ago in a summer

PHOTOGRAPHER INSIGHT: 2015 Winner Fiona Mullen   18 year old Fiona Mullen was the winner of the 2015 Ocean & Earth Photo Search. Her images bestow a raw contrast of light and dark creating a deep emotional connection to each photo. Fiona

What does Tatiana Weston-Webb think about the WCT so far? (TOP - Tatiana at her first WCT event at Snapper Rocks, Photo by Matt Jones)   24th July 2015 - This year is Tatiana Weston-Webb's rookie year on the coveted World Surf League

27th July 2015 - Last week on 23rd July on one of Tahiti's most recognised and dangerous surf break, Teahupo'o came to life with a 'code red' swell. On the sets this wave reached 30 metres and towered and folded upon itself

The K Twins // Jessica and Casey Kwiecinski on Being Super Groms in New Jersey and Surfing for Body Glove (TOP //Jess and Casey in Nicaragua wearing the Equator style with the Fearless top and the Flare top / Fiji Bottoms

(TOP PHOTO Rafael Rosado Cortes) Tiffanie Cobb first came to our attention after we saw the most amazing photo of her in a bodyboarder's dream barrel. Her big smile and radiating positivity drew us in

Recently we spent the morning with professional surfer, artist and conservationist Felicity Palmateer whist she was in town for World Oceans Day where she painted a 7.5m x 2.5m mural at the famous Bondi Beach. Felicity's art, like her surfing and

We've been following the barreling good times of Ginger and Jasmine Banner and each time you see one of their 'tube-tacular' photos pop up you feel an elation, a happiness, a sense of pure STOKE. Their smiles coming down the

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We were all meant to shine. It's not just in

Do you ever think about the clothes you are wearing and whether the people who made them are really being fairly looked after? Ethical Creations is has been set up by Anne Fish of Victoria, Australia and works in conjunction with

In the city of Edinburgh in Scotland lives a 19 year old who is hooked on surfing. Her name is Phoebe Strachan and she's just been selected for the Scottish National Surfing team and will travel to the International Surfing

In the ramp up to our campaign starting in July "BRING BACK THE BOOGIE" we have been coming across so many amazing stories of mermaids who love to and are so talented with their bodyboards. Having a brood of kids

Every year it appears that more groups of surfer girls are converging to form their own independent clubs or groups world wide. In 2014 a group of girls lead by Tash Roberts got together to discuss how to set up