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Fiona Mullen was the 2015 International Surf Photographer Search winner. The 21-year-old from New Jersey, NY did not grow up in your typical beach environment. Snow blankets the sand of her local for winter, and the temperature in the water dips to just above the point freezing.

Fiona has an incredible eye for not only taking unique shots in the water but also in the post-edit. The dynamic use of contrast, colour and temperature in her images make them more than just a photograph. They are works of art. So much so, that she’s been an exhibited gallery artist and has been a featured photographer for a number of surf publications.

Not only is she one of the world’s best female surf photographers, she is also an amazing storyteller and an avid traveller.

She’s now half-way through her college degree in Communications and has joined us at The Mermaid Society for her summer internship, which is actually winter here in Australia, but she doesn’t need to wear a wetsuit in the water here.

You can view Fiona’s portfolio of work at and follow her on Instagram @FionaKatePhoto and her work will be featured throughout The Mermaid Society from July – August 2017.