NSSA Ventura Open at C Street Results

2nd March 2015

Massive results at the NSSA South West Ventura Open at C Street over the weekend. In a massive girls showdown we saw junior dynamos Alyssa Spencer and Kirra Pink score perfect and consistent waves. Kirra pulled out a HUGE 10 point ride backed up with an 8.43 which left her with a finished and unbeatable score 18.43 in the Girls division final.

Earlier Alyssa managed to find a 9.93 and 9.6 to score an incredible 19.53 out of 20 for her highest scoring heat earlier on in the day and couldn’t find the magic to take out an inform Kirra who took first and Bethany Zelasko 2nd in the Girls Opens division.

In the Women’s division another 10 was on the cards with the spectacular surfing by the girls and it was Tia Blanco who notched up her perfect ride in the semi finals to secure her finals start. Unfortunately for Tia it was Malia Osterkamp who swept in with the right waves to take the final lead pushing Tia into 2nd place and Avalon Johnson in 3rd.

Tia was beaming when she heard the announcement of her wave and said “The waves were not all time but in my heat a perfect wave came to me. It doubled up and allowed me to do 4+ turns on the wave. It is one of the best feelings to hear the announcer say you got a perfect 10. I walked up the beach to my family trying extremely hard not to smile, but when I saw the smile on my Dads face I had to smile! I have only gotten 2 tens in my life and I will never forget them.”


1st Malia Osterkamp
2nd Tia Blanco
3rd Avalon Johnson
4th Steffi Kerson


1st Kirra Pinkerton
2nd Bethany Zelasko
3rd Alyssa Spencer
4th Samantha Sibley

NSSA South West Ventura Open Girls finalists

NSSA South West Ventura Open Girls finalists PHOTO by NSSA

NSSA South West Ventura Open Womens finalists

NSSA South West Ventura Open Womens finalists PHOTO by NSSA

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