WSA Championship Tour Event #3 Mission Beach Results 2015

WSA Championship Tour Event #3 Mission Beach Results 2015



Story by Liv Stokes

(Top photo by Western Surfing Association)

17th October 2015 – The Salt Life WSA Championship Tour held event #3 at Mission Beach, in San Diego, on October 10-11.  The competitors arrived for a weekend of big waves and lots of sunshine, with temperatures in the 90’s.

On Saturday, the WSA held all of the girls longboard heats, as well as the girls U18 and women’s shortboard heats.  The girls found the conditions to be in the 4-5′ + range, with sets well over 6′.  Most of the sets that came through were walled, making it tough for all of the surfers.  The competitors really held their own and had to search out the corners. It was an exciting contest for the spectators to watch, and the girls displayed some great surfing, in very challenging conditions.

The conditions remained similar on Sunday, when the WSA ran the remainder of the girls shortboard heats.  Sydney Tisdel, who won the U16 Shortboard division, stated on her social media page, “It was a fun, yet scary day at the WSA Mission Beach contest.  Stoked to get an 8.8 in my semi and take the win.”

Congratulations to all of the competitors!

Photo by Western Surfing Association

WSA Mission Beach Results

Girls U18 Longboard

  1. Rachael Tilly
  2. Liv Stokes
  3. Alexandra Poirier
  4. Alexa Ross
  5. Emily Flavin
  6. Ocean Tsutsui

Girls U14 Longboard

  1. Sive Jarrard
  2. Claire Stokes

Open Women’s Longboard

  1. Rika Hashimoto
  2. Keili McEvilly
  3. Elle Miller
  4. Cate Stokes
  5. Lexi Morgan
  6. Niki Katz

Open Womens Shortboard

  1. Maile Davis
  2. Kristina Hehl
  3. Sierra Garcia
  4. Maya Saulino
  5. Claire Loughlin
  6. Emily Flavin

Women 18 and Older

  1. Sasha Natalie
  2. Rachel Breitner

U18 Shortboard

  1. Kiersten Noonan
  2. Chiasa Maruyama
  3. Maya Saulino
  4. Erika Hunting
  5. Abby Dixon
  6. Brooklyn Hulse

U16 Shortboard

  1. Sydney Tisdel
  2. Kiersten Noonan
  3. Kayla Coscino
  4. Kelly Smith
  5. Ella McCaffray
  6. Kalohelani Danbara

U14 Shortboard

  1. Izzy Hopkins
  2. Olivia Pessanha
  3. Jenna Clark
  4. Ella McCaffray
  5. Elle Emery
  6. Kirra Williams

U12 Shortboard

  1. Mara Morales
  2. Bryce Ava Wettstein
  3. Ryann Daly
  4. Sawyer Lindblad
  5. Caitlin Simmers
  6. Jenna Clark


  1. Bella Kenworthy
  2. Ryan Chalupnik
  3. Addie McPhillips
  4. Ezra McPhillips
  5. Hayden Suess
  6. Julianna Romaniuk

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