World Champion Carissa Moore’s Career Maybe Coming To An End

Carissa Moore Reveals Reality Of Not Winning Half Way Through Season

3 x World Surfing Champion Carissa Moore has opened up in a video interview with The Inertia. After a shock round four loss at the US Open of Surfing in August with four events remaining Moore has admitted that right now, she’s battling with being the feelings of vulnerability that come with not winning.

She opens the doors to the emotions that many professional athletes move through after a period of great success. There is no doubt that the strength and power in Moore’s surfing has been pivotal in the current movement but she questions the value of winning in her life as she moves into the next phase of her life. “How many more world titles do I want?” She says, “How many world titles will make me happy? I don’t know if surfing in 30 minutes is what I want to be doing right now…

“I’d rather progress myself and progress the sport and go down early knowing I did something different, that’s the stuff that makes me happy.”

If this interview reveals one thing, it’s that the value of surfing in your life is unquantifiable. It’s a feeling and a devotion to being in the ocean. It’s the infinite challenge of progression.

Carissa Moore will lineup at the Swatch Women’s Pro at Trestles, CA this week for the 6th event of the World Surf League’s Championship Tour. She is currently sitting in 9th position on the leaderboard.

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