WickrX Super Sessions Introduces Women’s Big Wave Event

This is possibly the most exciting announcement of the year WickrX have announced they are holding a “first-of-its-kind project that will celebrate the amazing world of women’s big-wave surfing in a way that’s never been done before.” as stated by cinematographer Grant Washburn.

This unique big-wave surfing event will see the likes of exclusive invitees Paige Alms, Anastasia Ashley, Allison Arvizu, Easkey Britton, Wrenna Delgado, Justine Dupont, Emily Erickson, Sarah Gerhardt, Keala Kennelly, Mercedes Maidana, Andrea Moller, Silvia Nabuco, Savannah Shaughnessy, and Bianca Valenti taking on some of the world’s biggest waves.


The Super Sessions will take place at notorious big waves locations, Waimea, Jaws, Mullaghmore and Ocean Beach, and will culminate with a celebration at Maverick’s in California. WickrX says they want to take women’s surfing to a whole new level by inspiring the world with the surfing talents of these amazing women. The event won’t just take place over one day or week it will be a project over months were the invited surfers will document their own Super Sessions at home and around the world.

Wickr CEO Nico Sell talks about what is one giant step forward for women’s sport starting with women’s big-wave surfing. Today, we are launching the WickrX Foundation, an organization dedicated to advancing, promoting and supporting human greatness and evolution in all its forms.”

Nico wants the world to take note, these girls will charge! She says “WickrX Super Sessions, will celebrate the phenomenal talent in the world of women’s big-wave surfing. In partnership with big-wave icon and documentary filmmaker Grant Washburn, we will be documenting the personal stories and Super Sessions of the best female surfers in the world.”

As part of the WickrX Super Sessions Wickr has released an App that is Self-Destructing, Secure, Private, for Anonymous Messages & Media for Apple iOS and Android that will provide exclusive clips and information about the event. CHECK IT OUT!

Stay tuned for more event info as it comes to hand, in the mean time get the Apps to stay connected to WickrX!

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