Who Is Rubie Reents?


Rubie Reents is from the NSW South Coast where the waves are plenty (and heavy) and the people few. She was lucky enough to have the influence of 1991 World Champion Pam Burridge in her life and even more so that Pam taught her to surf when she was just nine years old.

Now she’s taking on the south coast slabs. They are waves that are sometimes as thick as they are high. They aren’t friendly, nor for the timid surfer. Rubie says she got into slab surfing because she kept getting invited along by her mates. The challenge and temptation to be out amongst the raw and rugged ocean that churned itself into magnificent waves got her hooked. Then she got my licence which set her free and allowed her to begin exploring the coast.

“I’m lucky to be able to learn and be inspired by a lot of the incredible surfers in the who live around me. Russ Bierke, Brett Burcher, Elliot Marshall, Sam Wrench are just a few who are pushing the limits and really awesome to be around. Said Rubie. “I feel pretty lucky to be able to surf with them, watch them and get some tips every now and then. It’s a really supportive surfing community around here.”

We look forward to seeing more from this charger in the making.

Ruby Reents Ruby Reents

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