What Was Going Through Keala Kennelly’s Mind at Teahupo’o Last Week?.. She TOLD US!

27th July 2015 – Last week on 23rd July on one of Tahiti’s most recognised and dangerous surf break, Teahupo’o came to life with a ‘code red’ swell. On the sets this wave reached 30 metres and towered and folded upon itself into a razor sharp reef between 2 and 3 metres deep. When you consider the ferocity and intensity of this wave you understand that it may as well be 10 inches deep.

Hawaiian, Keala Kennelly is a women’s surfing veteran but still conquers the mountains of waver at Jaws as well as dominating the women’s big wave scene as she did at the Wickr X challenge earlier this year but pulling the scale back to win the WQS Pipe Pro too. The girl has no limits and is taking the sport to a new level each time she paddles out.

Last week Keala was towed into Teahupo’o. She didn’t hesitate, because if you do you’ll die. She simply let go of the tow-rope and ploughed down one of the biggest, steepest and most challenging waves on the planet.

KELLY SLATER weighed in on the incredible feat mentioning it on his Instagram

[blockquote type=”3″ author=”KELLY SLATER”]The stuff guys are doing these days is seriously nuts…into the oblivion not knowing what happens when you wipeout. But the craziest guy of all is a girl… @kealakennelly. Looks like someone challenged her to a #YouWontGo contest and she called their bluff! #WTF, KK?[/blockquote]

We can’t possibly reincarnate the scene without bringing in the legend herself…

The Mermaid Society: Did you know the wave was going to thicken out and get as big as it did?

Keala Kenelly: I knew it was a set and it was going to be a big one. I passed on a much smaller one and when we got out the back again and saw this one standing up on the horizon I was like “yup… this is the one!”  

 TMS: What was the feeling of having the lip close in over you?

KK: There was a huge explosion. My helmet blew off and I got slammed down on the reef and pinned on my back for a while just getting the crap kicked out of me.

I managed to get up for a breath right as the wave behind it came down on me. That one threw me on the reef with a lot of force and whole left side of my body got slammed.

I thought I’d broken my hand and my elbow but when I finally got to the lagoon I was able to move my fingers ok. I had a few cuts and was bleeding and in pain from the impact but all and all I knew I was ok.    

TMS: Did you make it out to the channel?

KK: No, I didn’t make it out of the barrel. The West bowl bent to hard and the bottom dropped out, there was no way I could make it. The adrenalin was so intense there was a part of me that wanted to go right back out and try again even though I was hurt. Adrenalin is a hell of a drug!    

TMS: Was that your biggest wave or just chunkiest?

KK: I don’t know if it was the tallest… I think I’ve had a tow in at Jaws that was taller but this was definitely the chunkiest no doubt.    



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