Whalebone Classic Preview with Georgia Young

cropped-screen-shot-2014-05-27-at-10-32-58-pm.pngThe Whalebone Classic LQS Preview

Georgia Young is a getting set for the Whalebone Classic to be held next week (11th – 13th July). Georgia has been in the top ranks of the competition over the last few years and is stoked to have the LQS (Longboard Qualifying Series) division for the girls this year.  She will come up against some of the world’s best longboarders at her local break and hopes the home advantage will get her to the finals and in the running for the LQS winner’s 1st prize of $4000!

Georgia rides with Clearwater Surfboards, Sticky Feet Wax, gives a shout out to Fun’s Back Surf Shop who put the Whalebone Classic together every year.

Here’s Georgia’s preview of the conditions of the competition break… (Stay tuned for all the news and results from the Whalebone Classic here on The Mermaid Society)

Isolators (Isos) Isos is a reef break just south of Cottesloe Beach. It’s generally all about the right, but theres often a left on offer to split the crowds. Its an epic Longboard wave and usually pretty crowded with all of Perth’s longboarders, but it’s a super mellow crowd, everyone knows everyone and I reckon most of the guys out there just go paddle out for a bit of a gossip.

There’s three main take off spots (all within 50m of each other), with the middle peak usually being the most consistent. It’s mainly a winter wave because it need quite a bit of swell to break. Rottnest Island out the back of Perth blocks a lot of the swell to the metropolitan region, so for Isos to break you need about 2.5m on the Rottnest swell buoys.

isolators western australia by georgia young

This pic is a pretty typical winters morning, on a high tide

Tides in Perth a relative small so Isos will generally break on all tides, but its best on a mid-lower tide. It’s offshore if there’s east in the wind but a NE wind provides the smoothest (and coldest) conditions. July, and winter in general, is the most consistent time for swell as we generally have a front to stir up a bit of swell every 10 or so days, with beautiful crystal clear offshore days in between.

Winter is one of the most beautiful times at Cottesloe with amazing crisp mornings. Being a metro wave, its easy to explore Perth and Fremantle which are cool to cruise around for a day or two. Rottnest Island is also amazing for powerful surf, snorkelling, diving and fishing. Cottesloe has some really cool cafes, restaurants and bars to chill out in all throughout the year.

The Whalebone Classic site

You can also follow the event at their Facebook page


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