Western Surfing Association Trail 6 Results from San Onofre by Liv Stokes

Western Surfing Association Trail 6 Results from San Onofre


Written by Liv Stokes

(TOP – Photo courtesy of Western Surfing Association)


6th August 2015 – WSA Western Surfing Association Trail 6

The first event on the WSA’s Championship Tour was held the weekend of August 1-2 at Trail Six, San Onofre State Beach. The WSA is continuing to have all longboard heats on the Saturday of each event. With all of the longboard heats back-to-back, in the same contest zone, the judges are able to really focus on the new WSL longboarding criteria, without having to revert back and forth between short and longboard.

Saturday’s contest was held in 2-3′ surf conditions. The waves were very mushy and soft, making it challenging to find a corner. Many competitors opted for surfing the inside, which often reformed.

On Sunday the WSA ran all of their shortboard heats. Bryce Ava Wettstein, who won the U12 division said that the conditions started relatively good, again in the 2-3′ range. As the day progressed, the waves became quite mushy.

Bryce said of winning her division, “It felt great to win because I got a good start to the season in first place.”

Congratulations to Bella Kenworthy who is dominating the Micro Groms in the under 10’s division, all the Micros did such an amazing job and show real promise as they progress!

The next stop for the WSA will be held at Surfer’s Point in Ventura, California, on September 19-20.

western surfing association 2015 photos by mcdaniel




Open Women’s Longboard

1. Soleil Erico
2. Liv Stokes
3. Betsy Lee
4. Lola Fischer
5. Keili McEvily
6. Emily Flavin


Girls U18 Longboard

1. Soleil Erico
2. Ocean Tsutsui
3. Betsy Lee
4. Liv Stokes
5. Lexi Morgan
6. Hana McEvily


Open Womens Shortboard

1. Maya Saulino
2. Maile Davis
3. Sierra Garcia
4. Jordyn Barratt
5. Emma Roll
6. Sasha Natalie


Women 18 and Older

1. Michelle Watson
2. Rachel Breitner
3. Emma Roll
4. Tammy Mowery
5. Sasha Natalie


U18 Shortboard

1. Jordyn Barratt
2. Maya Saulino
3. Kiersten Noonan
4. Chiasa Maruyama
5. Jayme Linnes
6. Maile Davis


U16 Shortboard

1. Kayla Coscino
2. Sydney Tisdel
3. Kelly Smith
4. Kalohelani Danbara
5. Kiersten Noonan
6. Olivia Pessanha


U14 Shortboard

1. Izzy Hopkins
2. Hayden Rouse
3. Kalohelani Danbara
4. Olivia Pessanha
5. Ella McCaffray
6. Bryce Ava Wettstein


U12 Shortboard

1. Bryce Ava Wettstein
2. Ryann Daly
3. Bella Kenworthy
4. Caitlin Simmers
5. Sawyer Lindblad
6. Jenna Clark



1. Bella Kenworthy
2. Ezra McPhillips
3. Addie McPhillips
4. Maile Garrett
5. Julianna Romaniuk
6. Malia Callahan

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