VIDEO: Why Caroline Marks And Wave Pools Are The Future


Since talking to 16-year-old Caroline Marks earlier in the year, I decided that she really was the future of surfing. It wasn’t just the way she talked, but the depth to every answer. Turns out, it’s not just her incredible media training that is far beyond her years.

This week, Marks walked through the gates at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch for the first-ever World Championship Tour event in a wave pool (*as the WSL). After much speculation about the format and who would perform, we saw the best rise to the top. In 2018 the best are Carissa Moore, Steph Gilmore, Lakey Peterson and Caroline Marks. The rookie is pushing boundaries and she will be the next fresh world champ.

Why is she different to the rest? Being world champ is everything to Caroline, however it doesn’t consume her. Like any successful and thriving business, Caroline has answered the ‘why’ for herself and this week, for the surf world too.

After ploughing her way through to the final gauntlet on Monday, Caroline surfed her assigned waves and on her final wave pumped the breaks hid in the barrel and pushed herself out and launched into the air, before landing in the foam to stand and dap.

I said it to a friend at the time and I’ll say it again. Lakey Peterson and Carissa Moore demonstrated their ability to pull this shit off in my still fave clip of all time, Leave A Message. If they want to keep up with the train that Caroline is travelling, they’re gonna need to start pulling this out and taking some risks.

To me, the Surf Ranch Pro was exciting, just because it puts the competitive platform into a controlled competitive arena. When the next generation get into this place as part of their tour, they’re gonna tear it apart. Just be ready to see surfing evolve once more.

Lastly, once more congratulations to the legend herself Jessie Miley-Dyer and the WSL crew for their monumental announcement and instigation of change this week. Couldn’t be prouder.

– Sally Mac

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