UK Pro Tour Thurso Surf Festival Scotland by Emily Williams


(Top Photo – Thurso Surf Festival Emily Williams Photo: Malcolm Anderson)

The Uk Pro Surf Tour Thurso Surf Festival is held at the classic right hand point at Thurso East, Scotland over the last weekend of October. It’s a 14 hour drive from South Wales in our camper, through mountains and along exposed coastlines, one part of the road has signs warning to take care of otters!

The surf was pretty messy and onshore when we arrived but the wind turned offshore for the first day of the comp so we had plenty of swell and a chance to surf one of the best waves in Europe with only three other people in the line up. So stoked!!

The water temperature is always cold but wasn’t too bad, a 4/3 wetty and boots is warm enough but a hood is nice for when you have to duck dive a few set waves!

Standouts on the first day were Shona Blackadder and Lucy Campbell, both taking off on the biggest sets, I was stoked to make it through my first round heat with a win and get into the semis the next day.

Thurso Surf Festival Lucy Campbell Photo: Malcolm Anderson

Thurso Surf Festival Lucy Campbell Photo: Malcolm Anderson

The following day was smaller with sets ranging from 2 to 4 foot but the wind was still offshore so everyone still buzzing! The girls Under 18 heats and the rest of the Women’s heats were held so it was pretty hectic, I spent 3 hours in my wetty! It was great to see so many women and girls making the effort to get up to Thurso to compete.

Emily Currie won the Under 18 girls and Lucy Campbell the Women’s Opens division. I finished in third place in both divisions.

Big thanks to UK Pro Tour for organising, Christian Surfers Association for endless cups of tea and the locals of Thurso for allowing us to take over their break for a couple of days!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 9.20.36 am


1st Lucy Campbell

2nd Emily Currie

3rd Emily Williams

4th Flora Lawton



Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 9.20.57 amUNDER 18s RESULTS: 

1st Emily Currie

2nd Flora Lawton

3rd Emily Williams

4th Peony Knight

Emily is from Wales in the UK, is the defending Welsh Under18 Girls Champion and is proudly supported by Fourth Surfboards FCS and GorillaHive Swimwear Europe and Nectar Sunglasses.

Emily Currie winner of the U18 Girls event at Thurso Surf Festival 2014 from UK Pro Surf Tour on Vimeo.

Lucy Campbell winner of women’s event at Thurso Surf Festival 2014 from UK Pro Surf Tour on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.41.18 pm

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