Tyler Wright 2017 World Surfing Champion

Tyler Wright Wins 2nd World Surfing Title At 2017 Maui Pro


Well here we are, she’s made it two.

23 year-old Tyler Wright from Culburra on the NSW South Coast has just won her second consecutive World Title, crowned at Honolua Bay on the north side of Maui in Hawaii.

It was the quarter final heat number two when Tyler jumped off the end of the rocky bluff with the wild card Brisa Hennessy. Brisa of course, having one incredible event so far, eliminating previous leader Sally Fitzgibbons and Hawaiian Coco Ho. She was looking confident but also a little in awe out in the perfect conditions knowing that Tyler’s win in that heat would make or break her Title win. With ten minutes to go Tyler combo’d Brisa and the Bluff lit up with emotional cries and whistles for their new World Champ.

As she made her way in, she was beaming and so to was her team. The team on the bluff, and right round the world. 

“We are so proud of Tyler,” says Neil Ridgway, Rip Curl’s Group Advertising and Marketing Chairman. “She has been with us since she was eight years old, and it has been so incredible to watch her grow and develop as a person, and of course, as an outstanding surfer and athlete.”

Humble and grateful as always of her family and team, Tyler reflected on her win in conversation with Barton Lynch. “Wow! Yep, it’s kinda weird because I was so excited up on the hill and excited to be in this event and position. I’ve just had the best week. It’s hard to explain to you guys how good this week has been for me, how good the team has been. Glenn Micro and Caleb, the little lord. We’ve just had a sick team and all through the year with little ups and downs and now to be in this position, I was happy before I won and am just as happy now.

On preparing for a World Title showdown in Hawaii she said. “I had the most amazing conversations over the last months with the team about knee injuries and geting physically and mentally prepared for this. I’m excited and Micro said, ‘you’re allowed to be excited you know.’ My Mum and my aunties and everyone is up on the hill and after my Mum couldn’t come to France last year, in January this year she told me she was gonna come here, so I said ok, it’s a deal.”

“Everyone that’s been apart of my life and my team for such a long time, I’m so thankful it’s a true merit for what you’ve done for me and how you’ve brought me up.”

On going back-to-back she said. “It’s interesting, last year I wasn’t one and done. In 2015 I decided I wanted to win one (a title) every year and I want to hold true to that. Working with Glenn over the last two years has been incredible and we have a long plan, and I plan to stick to it. Winning back-to-back is a real testiment to his work and everyone who has been part of my life and in getting me here today. It takes a team to do this. I’m happy every day and it’s nice to be here.”

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