Top Gurfer Clip of the Week – Lara Murphy

This week’s Top Gurfer Clip of the Week features top slider Lara Murphy from Bondi Beach, Australia and comes from Lynden Foss on his drone – Drone cameras are changing the way we look at the waves, their vision is so smooth and unique for the viewer.

Lara competes around the coast of Australia in longboard events regularly and spends her week teaching the tourists how to surf. She’s a water baby through and through.

My morning riual normally consists of waking up early, checking the surf cam in bed. Go surfing, come home, quick bowl of porridge then off to work. Surfing plays such a major role in my life… I’m addicted to it. Sometimes I don’t even want to go surfing but I have to. Besides, I’m not much good at anything else.” – Lara

Here’s a typical Winter morning for Lara starting the day surfing and watching the sun rise on one of the world’s most famous beaches. Lara is supported by Bennett Surfboards

Sunrise Slide in Bondi from Lynden Foss on Vimeo.



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