Clip of the Week

This week has been a big one for viral gurfer clips and well it’s probably best we have them all in one place so you can watch them and get excited to get salty this weakend.


We start with the ever inspirational and sea goddess Bethany Hamilton. Not only has she defied the odds of returning to surfing minus one very important limb, she’s freaking pulling moves that have left a number of the top WCT males with dropped jaws. The clip is from Bethany’s recent trip to Indonesia where she’s just casually launching into a 5 metre high air reverse and LANDING IT! That gets us going… Here’s the leaked footage with thanks to The Inertia… Watch it over and over.


Next up STEPHANIE IN THE WATER its a narrated documentary following the rise of a teenager to world champion and the random attack that took her out of the water and could have spelt the end of her career. Luckily it didn’t and she’s back and in a strong position to potentially win more world titles. The film is by Ava Warbrick, captures a magic and unique personal journey with Steph in a way most other surf docos miss. We love that’s its a film made by mermaids and can’t wait for it’s Australian release. It’s already available on iTunes in the US.


This kid has no limits. She shapes the boards she rides, rides anything that floats and goddam pulls it off with style. By the way she’s not just mediocre she’s in the top 10 of the WCT on her Rookie year and absolutely killing it. Dimity is from Australia’s Sunshine Coast and she has some serious style. This clip pretty much defines who she is and where she’s going… the only way is up. Thanks for sharing Girl Surf Network.


Katrina Beddoe and her Dad take to the waters of sunny south England to test out their Bear Surfboards. I tell you there is nothing better than a couple of small peelers under the warmth of the sun in Cornwall. The clip was shot in Newquay, the surfing capital. It’s picturesque green hills and white cliffs and that hotel on the northern hill, that was used in the Witches movie back in the 90s. Just love this clip – nothing beats surfing with your dad to put a smile on your face.

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