Top Clip of the Week: Mia McCarthy

Meet 15 year old Mia McCarthy, she’s recently been crowned Western Australia’s Under 16 State Champ. The kids in WA grow up with some amazing waves and therefore raise some of the country and world’s best surfers. Mia is no exception.

Mia spends her time in the water around the world famous Margaret River with her favourite break “Leftys” on her Firewire 5’2 x 16.75 x 1.75 supported by Billabong and Firewire surfboards.

This clip shows just how spoiled for choice the WA kids are…

Mia says “Yes we do get spoilt. The left hander (in the clip) is at a place called “Leftys”! And the right is just north of it called “Karates. They are really consistent in Summer Spring but in winter is often way too big. Last summer I surfed there 50 days in a row! Last week we just got lucky! We call it the “golden mile” because there are about 10 waves on that stretch and they all are perfect on a good day.”

And on the best spots to surf around the south western part of Australia Mia says…

“It’s hard to say the BEST. All the spots like Margaret’s main break, North Point and Gas Bay are great. There are others too if you know where to go! We have a semi secret right that is amazing but doesn’t break often. Conditions are really beautiful, clean fresh warmish water in Summer/Spring. Winter can be not the best and most people go up North for sun and surf. Autumn is good fun. 4 weeks ago it was massive. People were saying 30 foot waves. Only a few crazy guys go out! I think the best time of year and conditions are the months of March – June. It gets perfect!”

Here it is… check out what you’re missing, then book your ticket to Perth!

Mia McCarthy – Gotta love the Golden Mile from Mia on Vimeo.



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