The Winner Is…

Eleanor Killen Nova Scotia

 CONGRATULATIONS to ELEANOR KILLEN winner of our Filtrate Raw Beach photo competition. Apart from sending us an amazing photo Eleanor provided this short description about Halifax in Nova Scotia.

“My photo is of my local beach when I was living in Halifax, Nova Scotia last year.”

“Thermals, sweater, down jacket, coat, beanie (‘toque’ in Canadian), gloves, wooly socks, boots and a hot thermos waiting in the car. That’s what our surf checks consisted of. And if there was surf? Into the 7mm wettie, booties, gloves and hood you squeezed, ready for the 2 degree water- balmy compared to the -4 degrees outside! Snug and warm until that first duck dive or that hole in your glove started leaking…. but those frigid empty lineups were always worth the numb extremities! here’s to say that never again will I complain about chilly Victorian winters or having to wear a wet suit for a few weeks of the year where I now live in north west Western Australia!”

We received so many entries and they were all so original and from all corners of the globe. We love hearing from everyone and are so inspired from your photos. Thank you all for your entries. Stay tuned for the August competition coming soon.


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