Gabriela Bryan Wahine Pipe Pro 2018

The Wahine Pipe Pro Pumps: Is Gabriela Bryan The Unbeatable Junior?


Know This Name: Gabriela Bryan Is Coming For The World Title

It feels like every couple of weeks we’re publishing the results from Hawaii and Gabriela Bryan is the consistent headliner. Well, the 15-year-old has done it again – for the third consecutive event alongside the Sunset Junior Pro, then the Papara Pro Vahine Open in Tahiti – another big win on the North Shore of Oahu, this time at picturesque Pipeline – one of the world’s deadliest waves.

It was the Wahini Pipe Pro Women’s Qualifying Series (QS) 1000 event that was held at the Banzai Pipeline over the weekend with former winners. All the competitors were able to utilise both the pipe and backdoor options as the perfect and renowned Pipeline split perfectly.

Gabriela Bryan Wahine Pipe Pro 2018Gabriela cruised through heat-after-heat of the event before taking a strong lead in the final with a number of powerful turns and more drive thank you’d expect from a 15-year-old. The other three finalists; Moana Jones, Savanah Stone and Leila Riccobuano didn’t let Gabriela take the win easily with big scores from the judges at the a-frame reef break.

It was a bomb set within the last five minutes that solidified Gabriela’s victory with a 7.0 on the scoreboard.

“This win is very special, especially to have it here at Pipeline,” said Gabriela. “The waves were firing this morning and they’re still firing now, just a little bit smaller but it’s still pumping. It’s really fun and I’m just super happy to get a win here. Everyone was charging, the girls were just going for it. It’s amazing, the level is just through the roof, I’ve never seen it like this.”

“I didn’t have first priority, I think I actually had third, and the two goofy-footers had first and second so I knew that they were looking at the lefts,” said Gabriela. “The right at Backdoor just looked super good and I knew that I needed to pull in and hopefully make it and I pulled in and I made it pretty far. For a second I thought maybe I would make it out, but I got clipped at the end, but it was pretty cool.”

Gabriela Bryan Wahine Pipe Pro 2018 Gabriela Bryan Wahine Pipe Pro 2018

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