The Salt Creek Body Surf Trek

3rd April 2015

Picture 26Last weekend a bunch of merfolk from California decided to put on a Body Surf Trek from Salt Creek Beach north to Crescent Bay in Orange County. After just getting into bodysurfing myself in the last 6 months, it’s hard not to share the absolute love of waves and water in it’s most natural form. I’d say it’s nearly as addictive as surfing!

Angela Ferendo of Slyde Handboards was the token female and boy are we glad she was and could bring us this report and inspiration to put on a trek for ourselves. (stay tuned)

Angela, is not a seasoned bodysurfer or ex surfer but she gave it a go and is now hooked. She says  “I never learned to stand up surf and I hated sitting on the beach watching my fiance surf.  So I picked up a handboard and jumped in the small waves and away I went. It’s SO much fun and is a lot easier to learn (than surfing). After a bit of practice in the smaller breaks I’m now out with all the boys on the 4-5 foot waves and it’s an awesome feeling.”

slyde handboards bodysurf trek

Not only is it a belly laughing good time but it’s great fitness. The extra kicking is great for your legs and short sharp bursts of swimming are great interval training. It’s just one of those great skills to have for a day it’s closing out or for something different.

ABOUT THE BODYSURF TREK “The aim of the Bodysurf Trek was to get everyone together and have fun while spending a few hours at some of the best breaks in Orange County. We love getting as money people on one wave – A party wave – It’s such great fun and a real rush of energy in the water.”

slyde handboards bodysurf trek“The conditions were perfect.  It was a South South West swell coming in at nice 5-7 ft.  We all met at Salt Creek at 7am.  We had so much fun there that by the time we made it to 1000 Steps in Laguna we couldn’t find any parking, so we passed and went to Aliso.  Aliso had some heavy pounding shore break.  We had a few bloody noses and foreheads at Aliso.  Around 1pm we headed to Cresent Bay where it was a little easier to handle and got lots of party waves together.  The final stop of the trek was in Morro Bay, but by 3pm – most people ended the day here but a few of the keen teenagers on going until 5pm.”

If you’re dedicated to going hard-core you won’t need any equipment – It’s going to be a lot harder to get started and get the momentum to hook into the wave. Angela suggests a couple of ESSENTIALS to get you started… “I have a pair of cute pink Dafins (Also recommended by The Mermaid Society) and a matching pink Wise-Guy handboard.  I prefer the wedge-shape Slyde Handboard because the larger surface and buoyancy area makes it a lot easier to catch waves and ride a lot longer!”

There are so many variations of handboards on the market today starting from the entry level muck arounds at about $30, but if you want to get serious, look into a good quality board! Watch out for our upcoming Mermaid Product Review session.


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