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Interview by The Mermaid Society with Jordie Mercer

Back in the 80’s and 90’s the Iron Man and Iron Women events were massive. Names like Trevor Hendy, Guy Leech Dean and Darren Mercer and Lisa Curry were on the TV all the time, on cereal boxes, basically everywhere. The Iron Men & Women were like athletic immortal taking on HUGE surf and toughing out some of the most gruelling conditions. Since the demise of those early commercial years the Ironpeople event have started to claw their way back, and the new generation of Iron Women are stronger and fitter than ever.

Enter Jordie MAGIC Mercer… she’s only 20 but is one of the most mentally and physically tough athletes on this planet. Besides absolutely owning the Iron Woman events she’s smashed the Molokai and has participated in a number of adventure challenges that break most people. She’s 2nd generation Ironperson with some mighty legends in her blood line, and when she’s not competing, she’s a true water baby surfing at home and inspiring the girls of the sea in Noosa.

Jordie is the strongest mermaid we know and we are beyond stoked to introduce and welcome her to The Mermaid Society. We hope she can inspire a whole new generation!

Jordie is proudly supported by JM PaddleBoards, Madill Holden Noosa, RedBull, Nike, Oakley, BOS OceanSports, Vertra sunscreen, EngineSwim, Bennett Paddles, Madison NewYork, Limitless Health Noosa and the Noosa Aquatic Centre.

Jordie Mercer Photo: Ted Grambeau

Jordie Mercer Photo: Ted Grambeau

Where do you call home and train? Noosa Heads, Queensland

What is your earliest beach memory? Growing up in Thirroul, New South whales. Spending time at the beach when my dad, Darren Mercer was racing and exploring and swimming in the Austinmer rock pools with my little sister and our grandparents at an early age. Still one of my favourite places in the world! Great memories.

Did you first dream of being an iron woman when you were in nippers? No I didn’t. When I first started Nippers and for the the next few years that followed I never really enjoyed racing in the surf. I always gave it a go but I loved the beach events and at the time I was training as a full time elite gymnast. It took me a while to embrace my inner mermaid and realise my true love and passion for all things ocean based.

What’s your training schedule like? I am currently in training for the Molokai to Oahu World Paddle Board Championships. It is a 55km paddle board race across the Ka’iwi channel. Commonly known as the channel of bones! I have been training in Noosa, my home town in preparation for this years crossing! My daily training schedule starts with a 2 hour plus swim session at the Noosa Aquatic Centre training under coaches John Rodgers and Graham Brewer followed by a running session either by myself or with the Noosa Tri Club.

Throughout the week my running sets vary from a 10km plus set through the National Park or shorter sessions on the road and hills, a track session incorporating more speed and intervals or sand running. In the afternoon I am in the gym training under Aaron Shedlock from Limitless Health Fitness in Noosa.

To finish of my day of training I then get the chance to be in the ocean, training with Noosa Surf club under the guidance of my Dad, head coach at Noosa Surf Club. We are on our craft, either board or ski or working all disciplines together in an IronWoman session for an hour and a half.

This is my regime from Monday to Friday. On Saturday I will go for a long board paddle anywhere between three to five hours of paddling. Sunday is Funday! I finish off the week with a light run and usually use my spare time to relax or surf in the ocean with friends, my boyfriend or family!

Jordie Mercer Photo: Dan Capps

Jordie Mercer Photo: Dan Capps

You’ve won the molokai was that the toughest physical and mental challenge of your life? I have now won the Molokai to Oahu World Paddle Board Champs for three consecutive years and currently in training for my fourth crossing now. Last years crossing for me was the hardest challenge I have overcome both physically and mentally. It proved to me that it definitely doesn’t get any easier!

Each year I may be a fitter, faster, stronger and smarter athlete compared to my previous crossing but when it comes to battling the conditions that the ocean and the Ka’iwi channel throw your way it is easy to feel well out of your comfort zone, lost, exhausted and unable to push on and make it any further. It is an emotional roller coaster! A lot can happen to your body and mind over 6 plus hours battling the elements, Mother Nature and the best female paddle boarders in the world while crossing the unpredictable and treacherous body of water from Molokai to Oahu.

The lead up to the race is very nerve-racking, I find myself thinking about the pain ahead, the conditions and wether they will be favourable, questioning my preparation and wether I have done enough. I just try to remind myself that I am dedicating every ounce of my being to this race for the months in lead up. I have done all I can so that when race day comes I have the opportunity to enjoy all of my hard work, race for the love of it and appreciate where I am and how I am so very blessed to be doing what I am doing!

Sometimes before certain races I will visualise winning and imagine exactly how it will feel to cross the line victorious! I imagine how it will feel to have a great result that I can share with all of the incredible people who have helped and supported me on my journey in preparation to that moment. Family, loved ones, my boyfriend and my sponsors and supporters. I feel that with a great result I have a chance to give back and give thanks! But after crossing the finish line and made it back on Oahu after last years crossing I was overflowing with feelings and emotions which were beyond my control. It was like nothing I have ever felt or imagined or visualised in my mind before. Raw and real! A long journey filled with struggles, sacrifices and hardships came together in one moment of victory and I have never felt so relived and happy in my whole life.

Jordie Mercer

Your type of competition is super tough in every aspect – you really push the human body to the limits what’s the best part about it what keeps you going back for more? I think the fact that I am passionate about what I do! I feel that through my achievements I have an opportunity to encourage and inspire a lot of people and for me that makes my work worth while. I keep my motivation fresh and inspiring and that continually keeps me keep creative when it comes to my goals and dreams! Although I like to look ahead and plan goals for the future it is important to live in the moment and enjoy the journey to your dreams and aspirations!

Where is your favourite wave? When Noosa Points are firing then that is where I want to be! With my surf board! If I was on my paddle board I would love to be doing a paddle along the Maui coast paddling down wind surfing swells and chops for Hours on end.

Your quiver of boards must be massive living in Noosa…? I paddle JM paddles Boards, JM StandUps, BOS ocean Skis and any surf board I can get my hands on!

Do you get much down time? How do you relax? I love to spend time with people who make me happy, play guitar, dance to music and be in the ocean or by the sea!

Are you studying? At the moment I am coaching a young group of girls at the Noosa Surf Club. My squad is called Magic’s Mermaids. Within the next couple of years I am wanting to study media based TV hosting or Primary Education. Stay tuned!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? TV hosting on Getaway!

What do you want to be remembered for? For inspiring people from all walks of life, making a positive difference in the lives of many and contributing towards making our world a happier place.

Jordie Mercer Photo: Geoff Potter

Jordie Mercer Photo: Geoff Potter

Jordie Mercer Photo: Ted Grambeau

Jordie Mercer Photo: Ted Grambeau


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