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It’s Winter in Australia. The icey winds and dropping water temperatures mean we need extra motivation to put those thick wetsuits on and tread the freezing sand down to the shoreline. Here’s a list of the best films to get you pumped to jump out of your warm bed and into the water. Judge me all you want out loud, I know you secretly enjoy them all.

1. Blue Crush

A film by John Stockwell. Featuring Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake with guest appearances by Layne Beachley, Rochelle Ballard, Keala Kennelly and Megan Abubo.

People pay it out but you know that Blue Crush was the start of a revolution of the modern surfer girl. If you haven’t seen it you’re either under 6 years old or just totally missed the boat. It has all the true Hollywood twists and turns, romance and heartache. There is no surfer girl stereotype missed but it’s such an easy watching, feel-good chic-flick. It does have a sequel but don’t waste your life watching it, it’s nothing like the original.

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2. Women in the Waves

A film by Heather Hudson. Featuring Linda Benson (five-time US Champion and first woman to surf Waimea), Ashley Lloyd (three-time winner of the Malibu Classic) and Kim Mearig (1983 ASP Champion) 

A couple of months ago I downloaded this movie on iTunes thinking it will probably be another low budget surf film with not much purpose. I WAS WRONG! It’s a fantastic well rounded doco with some great surfing. You can’t help but mind surf some of the beautiful waves and pretend you are as natural and skilful as the women featured. A must watch. Available for digital download from 

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3. First Love

A film by Claire Gorman, Clare Plueckhahn and Fran Derham Featuring Nikki Van Dijk, Jess Laing, India Payne, Georgia Fish, Stephanie Gilmore, Alana Blanchard and Coco Ho.

A movie about 3 girls from Phillip Island off the south of Victoria in Australia. It’s narrated by one of the 3 main characters who seemed to have drawn the short straw with luck. Just watching the girls surf in the icey waters of Victoria is enough to motivate you to get out and enjoy your own backyard. It shows the rise of now pro surfer Nikki Van Dijk and the girls journey to Hawaii to prove their abilities. For a local Aussie, female film it’s really well made, directed and edited.

 4. Soul Surfer

A film by directed by Sean McNamara. Featuring Anna-Sophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid and Kevin Sorbo.

The story of Bethany Hamilton’s devastating shark attack. It’s a Hollywood blockbuster but it’s well made. To a surfer there really isn’t anything more inspiring than Bethany Hamilton’s story. The fact that she can paddle with one arm let alone absolutely school most surfers in the world is just epic. Yes we all know how the story ends but it’s one of determination and spirit that lights a little fire in your belly to put a little bit more into every day. Plus it’s awesome watching Kevin Sorbo trying not to be Hercules.

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5. Leave a Message

A film by Jason Kenworthy made for Nike 6.0. Featuring Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson, Laura Enever, Coco Ho and Monyca Byrne-Wickey. 

It’s 20 minutes of good music and hot-shot female surfing. It shows how bloody awesome Lakey Peterson can be and the reason why Carissa is number one. It’s free to watch online so do it NOW!


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