The K Twins // Jessica and Casey Kwiecinski on Being Super Groms in New Jersey and Surfing for BodyGlove

The K Twins // Jessica and Casey Kwiecinski on Being Super Groms in New Jersey and Surfing for Body Glove

(TOP //Jess and Casey in Nicaragua wearing the Equator style with the Fearless top and the Flare top / Fiji Bottoms (in-between cheeky and full bottoms)

Jessica and Casey Kwiecinski

grew up in New Jersey in the US and have lead an exciting, adventurous life of extreme winters and surfing in the snow as well as taking on the World Qualifying Series as ambassadors for Body Glove. As 20 year old twins and 2 of 4 children they say ‘there’s no place like NJ’ and they wouldn’t change their lives for the world.

Unlike most kids who get into surfing the twins parent’s didn’t surf nor push them into it. As 13 year old kids they took the initiative to start surfing and getting lessons on their own. Initially it was Jess who got into it but not long after Casey decided that it looked pretty fun. They were hooked.

These beautiful twins are part of the Body Glove team and experience an active, beach lifestyle in the most unlikely surf location that many envy. We wanted to be part of it and delve into the world of the K-Twins.

“I love the vibes in New Jersey and I am proud of growing up here.” says Jessica. “It was a very weird, fun, and humbling experience. There is literally no place like it.” Casey adds as their subconscious ‘twinning’ causes them to similarly answer the questions.

Casey (left) & Jess (right) in their BodyGlove Breathe Active Wear

Casey (left) & Jess (right) in their Body Glove Breathe Active Wear

The girls believe that their NJ life has means that they are addicted to the hunt for waves, wanting more and more and developing a love-hate relationship with the swells. Surf culture is only just picking up momentum and growth in their part of the world and they vouch for the fact that there ARE swells that get them pumped and test their skills in the water.

Jess Says “When the waves get good they’re REALLY good!” ”

“The Fall time is unreal here.” says Casey “It is still the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen and I’m super proud to call it home.”

They may be identical twins but even twins have different board specs and needs. Casey rides Brian Wynn boards and Jessica rides AJWs (Adam Warden boards) who keep them working hard and making changes to get the best out of their surfing development and performance whether they’re at home in NJ or on the road travelling and exploring new waves.

The waves come and go  at their home break but the girls are building a name for themselves in and out of the water as competitive surfers. But it’s not an easy job and it’s not handed to you “You have to work hard if you want to make a name for yourself.” Says Jess. “You always have to try and prove yourself and you have to fight to get noticed.”

“It makes you want it more” adds Casey. “The towns in NJ are small and the surf community is smaller, which is really nice.

As kids and twins their competitive nature came to the surface early on. Jess began competing first with a strong will power and determination to win. Both girls say they’re ultra competitive with themselves and each other which has developed them into great surfers and athletes. Casey says “I hate losing but I really just love the ocean and being able to do what I love in it has been amazing. Traveling a lot, you can kind of lose touch of feeling at home but I’ve discovered that where ever there’s an ocean, I am home.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 5.25.39 pm

Jess in Nicaragua in 2015

“Being a twin has made me such a competitive person.’ says Jess “It definitely pushes me because I’m constantly trying to do better than my twin and I owe a lot of my success to her. It was super cool growing up together, I always have my best friend right by my side.”

Casey compliments her surfing ability her her close relationship with Jess as well as their individual and team determination to be the best. “We always want to surf better, catch more waves, run longer and faster than eachother. It’s a constant battle to beat eachother which has made us stronger.

The girls surf journey is only in it’s early stages really, they are 20 and have their whole lives ahead of them. The have already spent a lot of time on the road and have been lucky enough to score some pretty amazing waves in their home town and abroad.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 5.23.58 pm

Casey in Nicaragua in May 2015 wearing a Smoothies Basic Triangle Top

They agree that their home has some of the best spots and they love nothing more than running to the end of their street to surf their home break. It’s rarely packed in the line up and it pulls in some good swells. Casey says “New Jersey has a bunch of good spots and everyone kind of has their own jetty or street they love! Our home break is almost always empty and it’s where we learned everything we know.”

Outside NJ the twins have enjoyed the rolling barrels of Nicaragu and Puerto Rico. Jess is looking forward to exploring the coastline of Peru whilst Casey can’t wait to get back to the culture and beauty of Puerto Rico after their last trip where they were lucky to revel in the wake of perfect offshore waves thanks to a hurricane swell.

Besides a healthy coffee addiction the girls are inspired more than ever to take on the world as a super team.

Jess says “Every day I want to wake up and make the most out of the day. I want to better myself as a person and just experience everything I possibly can.”

Casey adds that they’re working hard to keep their dreams bright and their effervescent enthusiasm alive… “Right now we are taking online college classes and working any weird jobs we can find. The world is so big and there is so much to see, I can’t wait to get out there on the path less travelled and see as much as I can. I am just completely and utterly in love with life right now and I literally jump out of bed every morning to live it!”

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 5.25.23 pm

The Body Glove Active Seamless Leggings – Made in Long, Capris and Shorts.

As part of the BodyGlove team the girls contribute to the design and development of the surf products to ensure the continuation of their high level functionality and fashion forward look. In return Body Glove has helped the girls build a name for themselves and keep them warm in their steamers in Winter and stylish in bikinis and active wear in Summer.

Casey said “Whatever kind of person you are, there is a BodyGlove suit or cut to fit you and make you look and feel great.”

“The best thing is that there are so many colour and style options. You can make your style unique and mix and match anything, which is great for us was twins, we can wear the same colour/pattern but in 2 different styles so people can tell us apart and we can keep our individuality.”

The girls also love the Body Glove Active Range as well (pictured above with the seamless leggings) as the favouring the smoothis wetsuits for their bright and vibrant colour options. They’ve been busy collaborating for the 2016 range and say they’re looking forward to the new stellar long sleeve spring with boy short bottoms and the smoothie long sleeve spring with bikini bottom.

Jess said “It’s refreshing to have a sponsor that backs and supports us and is always willing to collaborate with us. It’s so exciting to be part of the feedback and development process!”


You can catch the girls competing at the Super Girl Pro in California in July before they lock in the rest of their World Qualifying Series events for 2015.


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