The Girls of The Deus 9 Foot & Single again takes logging to another level in Bali

1st June 2015

(TOP Leah Dawson stylin a monster photo by Hatsumi)

The Deus 9′ & Single Log Fest, was a four-day celebration of all things logger-love. It brought together some of the world’s most inspirational and stylish longboarders and put them out on waves that were big, fast and clean to show the extent to the beauty and athleticism that is possible on a longboard.

The event organisers said “This once simple gathering of mates has conspired with word and time to become something more than we envisioned, but don’t think it’s strayed from its roots. The 5th annual 9′ & Single has showcased longboarding at its best on Canggu’s most exciting wave and this year it’s gone off like a fire cracker.”

Held at Pererenan Beach in Canggu in Bali, the invited tribe set upon the venue with excitement and really (really) good vibes. Our Mermaid, Swedish Champ Vera Nording was there and in awe of the girls who were dancing on the waves.Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.24.40 pm

The ever graceful Leah Dawson said “With an international field of beauties, the ladies made it clear how unique they were. The seven girls gathered an hour before the heat, waxing, screening, stretching, dancing, showing the whole crowd and event participants that yes, women log surfers are different, they are gorgeous and they adore each other. The sense of community amongst them all was clear and inspired everyone on the beach.”

It was 6-7 foot of glory for the girls as they took to the water in their traditional logs… Vera says “The girls did a one hour long expression session which was amazing. The waves were pretty big and it’s a pretty fast wave not really suitable for longboard but they made it look totally natural and as stylish as ever.”

“It was great to see them before the heat, dancing together on the beach, they had such a happy and infectious vibe. The waves were pretty difficult so it was amazing to watch how the charged and still managed to keep their effortless style. It was just such a great experience to watch these women surf they’re such an inspiration and they are all so sweet and friendly.” Vera said

The final of the women’s division was heavily stacked with the world’s best. You can’t really pick the best out of this line up but on paper it was Leah Dawson who scooped the win for the 2015 title. Leah also made it through to stand on the podium of the 9ft and Under Single Fin & Shortboards division where she took a noble 3rd place.

‘Thank you to Kassia Meador for inviting an eclectic group of women to the event.” Leah says “The Deus Ladies Invitational was a highlight of the event and was a main draw for an international spectating crowd. We are all so grateful for the opportunity to be here and to participate in an event that celebrates the soul of surfing.”Thank you so much to Hatsumi for these amazing photos and Vera for her report. 


1st – Leah Dawson

2nd – Kassia Maedor

3rd – Karina Rozunko

4th – Lola Mignot

Kassia Meador photo by Hatsumi Ishibashi

Kassia Meador photo by Hatsumi Ishibashi

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