The Girls Dominate at 2015 Hurley BLs Blast Off presented by Beecraft

The Girls Dominate at 2015 Hurley BLs Blast Off presented by Beecraft


(TOP – Pacha Light lights up a 6 foot wave, photo by BLs Blast Off)

25th September 2015 – It was an amazing week of talent, surfing and fun in Sydney this week with the 10th anniversary of 1988 World Champ Barton Lynch’s Blast Off grom event for 14 and unders.

The first two days were under 2 foot in wave height and held at South Avalon Beach. This was the perfect opportunity to run and finish the under 6s, 8s and 10s before the predicted super storm swell picked up. You’ve never seen so many smiles and stoke on the beach and in the water amongst the girls.

Day 3 the swell picked up to 6 foot and the event was moved to South Whale Beach. I can’t believe how much the girls in the 12s and 14s absolutely shredded in these really challenging conditions. It was probably the best junior surfing I’ve ever seen.

Congratulations to all the girls who made the event so great. Your surfing is next level and you all show so much promise for the future of women’s surfing.

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2015 Blast Off Results

6 Girls

  1. Laney Stokes
  2. Sunny Vincent
  3. Harper Smales
  4. Samantha Arderne

8 Girls

  1. Leila Salt
  2. Stella Huxtable
  3. Molly Laing
  4. Dhara Cullen
  5. Shyla Short
  6. Sian Hughes

10 Girls

  1. Ellie Harrison
  2. Oceanna Rogers
  3. Keira Buckpitt
  4. California Barrett
  5. Gabi Spake
  6. Grace Crawford

12 Girls

  1. Zahli Kelly
  2. Summa Longbottom
  3. Jasmine Riggs
  4. Cedar Leigh-Jones
  5. Evie Coulter
  6. Charli Hurst

14 Girls

  1. Bodhi Leigh-Jones
  2. Pacha Light
  3. Piper Harrison
  4. Anne Dos Santos
  5. Billie Taylor
  6. Nica Frayne
Sunny Vincent in the 6 Girls Division

Sunny Vincent in the 6 Girls Division

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