The French Cup Bodyboard Event 2 / Coup de France

25th May 2015

(TOP Lisa Lisa Labadie Photo by Fédération Française de Surf)

The 2nd event of the French Cup of Bodyboarding in France was held over the weekend at Labenne, just out side Hossegor in the South of France.

The conditions were really challenging for the girls with just over a foot of wave to work with which is always challenging in a bodyboard event. The girls put a lot of power into the waves they could and managed some good results at the end of the day.

Series leader Candice Bride from Capbreton said “It was very small and there was a lot of wind so there weren’t many options to get speed and not many sections to make big moves. When it’s small you’re really limited to rollos and spins. Lisa was lucky to find a good wave with a shore break that got her the speed she needed for both a rollo and spin.”

The 3rd event coming up is an all girls event that includes SUP, longboard, surfing, skim board and bodyboarding.


1st Lisa Labadie (Anglet SC) 13,00 pts

2nd Candice Bride (Longeville SC) 9,56 pts

3rd Cléo Andreis (Anglet SC) 7,20 pts

4th Claire Dubes (Bascs) 6,97 pts

See results from Event #1

Candice Bride Photo by Fédération Française de Surf

Candice Bride Photo by Fédération Française de Surf

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