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Interview by Emma-Jane Eeles

Heather Woods is a bliss seeker. To be more exact, an ocean bliss seeker. If you have ever been to Noosa you may catch a glimpse of her strolling along the boardwalk with her camera firmly at her side ready to catch the rays glistening on the waves as a lone surfer glides by at First Point.

You may also see her laughing with her children as she captures them on camera catching wave after wave at main beach. I decided to have a little chat with Heather about her lifestyle and her blog ‘My Ocean Bliss’ and what inspired her to share her stories of bliss by starting an ocean blog.

Tell us a little bit about Heather the bliss seeker… I live at Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with my husband Paul and my kids Tom & Ruby. Relocating here from the South Coast of New South Wales has been a long held dream come true for my family and I. Living amongst such natural beauty in a gorgeous sub-tropical climate has been a fabulous experience for us. I am a big believer in following my gut instinct and making those life affirming decisions that leave a tingle in my heart. Moving away from all of our family and friends was certainly one of those decisions, but has resulted in so many wonderful and amazing experiences.

And your love affair with the ocean…Since the day I was born I have have lived by the ocean. Thanks to my mum’s decision to live within walking distance to the beach, salt water runs through my blood. Many of my childhood memories contain the sound of the ocean, the faint smell of dried seaweed, the taste of salt on my lips and the feeling of dried sand against my skin. Throughout many stages of my life, the ocean has been my loyal friend and companion. I have bathed in its serenity, it has greeted me for morning walks, been a place to socialise, hosted many a family gathering or celebration on its shore and it has watched my children take their first steps, learn to swim, snorkel and surf.

What does the ocean and the beach mean to you? The ocean has been privy to my deepest secrets and innermost thoughts and feelings and has been a calming force through out my life. Countless inspirational thoughts and moments of clarity have been born through my visits to or swim in the ocean. It is my place of contemplation that keeps me grounded and ‘blissful’

Now onto ‘My Ocean Bliss’. Tell me a bit about what My Ocean Bliss is and how it represents your personal connection to the sea… So, as you can see I have had an intense connection to the ocean since I was a child. The funny thing was though, that I hadn’t acknowledged how central it was to my over all feeling of wellbeing until we moved here to Noosa.

In a new town, with new schools to enrol my kids in, new friends to make and new places to familiarise myself with; the beach and the ocean remained the one familiar aspect to our new life. I carried my camera with me everywhere I went and took photos of our stunning new surroundings to share with family and friends down south. Before I knew it I had a huge collection of photos, a new found love for and connection with Noosa and it’s environment and a feeling of complete bliss.

It was my dear friend Nici, who suggested I started a blog to publish some of my photos and share my feelings of bliss about living in what I called ‘paradise’. My initial reaction was that she was crazy. I believed I wouldn’t have anything to write about and that my photos weren’t very good. Her reply was a big “so what” and “who cares how many people look at it. What followed was that tingling feeling in my heart that I spoke of earlier, along with some more encouragement from Nici, and ‘My Ocean Bliss’ was born.

ocean bliss

My Ocean Bliss has evolved so much since that first post almost two years ago. I have learned a heck of a lot about blogging and myself for that matter. It is though, still my little space to share my love of and connection with the ocean; the moments of clarity it brings, its beauty through my photography and reflections of a coastal seaside life and all it inspires me to be.

What and who inspires you Heather? I am inspired by my kids Tom and Ruby. This pair inspires me to embrace life with grace and be an amazing role model for them. They inspire me to never let the child in me stop creating and exploring life with wonder; even as an adult. Their ability to try anything new, including the things that require the most amount of courage is a constant source of inspiration to me. I can’t end this question without mentioning some photographic inspiration. Carla Coulson is an Australian photographer who changed her life, career and country to follow her passion in life – photography. Her story and work is definitely a huge source of creative inspiration for me.

Where can bliss seekers find ‘My Ocean Bliss’

Sending out much Bliss, Heather xx

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