The 2015 China Uemura Wahine Surf Contest‬ Queens Beach Waikiki

Thank you to guest writers Mason Schremmer and Dominique Miller – TOP PHOTO Dominique Miller by Arvydus

Over the weekend the kids Waikiki carved up the famous Queen’s Beach at the 2015 China Uemura Wahine Surf Contest‬. The waves were between 1-3 feet and a little inconsistent throughout the weekend but the sets allowed for some good competition and moves from the girls.

Surfer girl all-rounder Mason Schremmer took park in all disciplines this weekend covering SUP, Longboard and Shortboard divisions and walking away with a swagger of places. Mason said of the conditions “The waves were really good for longboard and SUP but a little tougher on the shortboard, but still great fun with the sun out and warm water!”

The event also included a teams division where the girls could make their own teams of 4 and could ride the board of their choice and catch as many waves as they wanted, but had to each have at least 2 waves to score. The heat was 15 minutes long and all team members were in the water at one time and there were no drop-ins called so team members could be on the same wave as each other without interference. Mason Schremmer said “The teams are always the most fun because it is four friends getting to share the waves at an uncrowded spot and cheering each other on.”

Mason Schremmer noserides to victory


The Peewees Longboard
1st Kelis Kaleopaa
2nd BettyLou Johnson
3rd Scarlett Schremmer

Menehune Girls’ Longboard
1st Tiki Willis
2nd Keani Canullo
3rd Lola Schremmer

Jr Girls Longboard
1st Kirra Seale
2nd Mason Schremmer
3rd Sally Cohen

Women’s Longboard
1st Rosie Jauffers
2nd Sayuri Hashimoto
3rd Mimi Horichi



Girls 17 & under SUP
1st Mason Schremmer
2nd Lola Schremmer
3rd Sally Cohen

Women’s SUP
1st Dominique Miller
2nd Candide Krieger
3rd Kainani Yockman



Shortboard 17 & Under girls
1st Mason Schremmer
2nd Kelis Kaleopaa
3rd Tiki Willis

Women’s Shortboard
1st Lala Thomas

The Prom Am Women’s Longboard
1st Megan Godinez
2nd Lauwan Thomas
3rd Mason Schremmer
4th Lola Schremmer



1st Team Margaritaville
2nd Team Ala Moana
3rd Team RagDolls
4th Team Moku

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 5.49.40 pm

Haley and Lawaun by Arvydus

Haley and Lawaun by Arvydus

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