The 2015 Australian Longboard Surfing Open Results

29th March 2015

(Karina Rozunko noseriding towards an impressive win at the 2015 ALSO. Credit: Liquify Magazine)

The Australian Longboard Surfing Open World Surf League (WSL) Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) amongst other divisions including SUP have been held at Kingscliff, NSW over the lsat 5 days.

The event was a huge success in 2015 and really well attended. Surf conditions for the week were a bit small at just 1-2 foot but there were manageable banks so it was very contestable and provided enough wave for girls in all divisions.

In the women’s Final two WSL Longboard Championship competitors went head to head, but it was Karina Rozunko (USA) who was dominant against Victoria Vergara (France). Rozunko got an early start over Vergara and secured an early score of 5.5, followed by a 6.33. Vergara was constantly chasing and only managed to get small scores early in the Final. Rozunko continued to dominate, but Vergara didn’t give up easily, entertaining the crowd and not afraid to catch the small waves to try and score big.

“Conditions were a bit tough, but that’s the whole thing about a contest, you go out there and you see who can surf the best,” Rozunko said. “Victoria (Vergara) is a good friend and we knew one of us was going to win and one of us was going to lose, but it was still good fun to surf with her.”

australian longboard festival

14 year old Mason Schremmer from Hawaii dominated the women’s divisions with her multi-dicipline talents winning 3 divisions in both SUP and Longboard and with just 45 minutes break between the two finals she qualified for it was great to see her so in-tune with her surfing. Mason moves both boards around the waves with a maturity and strength far beyond her years and was a worthy winner of both events…

Mason said after the event. “The SUP finals were really fun! I got to surf with my two sisters and Emma Webb. The waves had cleaned up a bit compared to the morning. Everyone was really nice and it was fun to watch the other girls surf and make some new friends!”

I think the conditions were really fun for longboarding if you chose the right waves. I found some waves with nice faces for cutbacks and nose rides. The conditions were also great for SUP because there were some good sections on the waves to hit and do a few cutbacks. I had so much fun in both divisions and I think the conditions were equally as good for longbarding and SUP, you just had to time your wave right.

WSL Longboard Qualifying Series Results

1st Karina Rozunko USA
2nd Victoria Vergara FRA

Aria Events under 18’s Results

1st Mason Schremmer HAW
2nd Lola Schremmer Haw
3rd Ivy Thomas
4th Morgan Griggs Kenelly

Baja Cantina 9ft Amateur Results

1st Mason Schremmer HAW
2nd Lola Schremmer
3rd Kira Innes
4th Morgan Griggs Kenelly

SUP Australian Waterman Women Results

Pretty average surf quite small and the girls needed to use their wave skills to pick out the high scoring waves. Emma Webb is a seasoned SUP competitor from Victoria, Australia but she was no match for Mason Schremmer. The Schremmer sisters were an amazing addition to the event this year with their bright, happy faces and commitment. The three sisters Mason 14, Scarlett 8 and Lola 13, were here from Hawaii to compete with Mason being successful in winning both the SUP and Baha Longboard Women’s divisions.

1st Mason Schremmer HAW
2nd Emma Webb AUS
3rd – Scarlett Schremmer HAW



The 2015 Australian Longboard Surfing Open has been hugely successful with great crowds at the beach to watch the surf and attend the lifestyle events as part of the Longboard Surfing Festival of the Asia-Pacific.  Events featured have been the Scoot Miss Beach Girl competition, surf films, yoga, art, classic car vehicles and lifestyle stalls.



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