Tessa De Josselin Likes To Play

(Top photo – Tessa surfing on the set of Home & Away photo by BANJO)

Tessa De Josselin is a softly spoken and lightly trodden natural footer with the world’s most playful smile and Everest scale ambitions for her life as a girl of the sea. 

She’s a pocket rocket in the surf making quick, tight and perfectly drawn graceful turns making her an asset for her local club. None other than the North Narrabeen Boardriders (girls) Surf Tag team who continue to dominate the Australian women’s Surf Tag Championships.

Tessa is not just a mermaid, she’s an international actress who has returned home to work on the golden sands of North Palm Beach – here is her story…




As a 25 year old from the surf suburb of Narrabeen Tessa has a delectable smirk and presence. Tessa remembers a sun kissed childhood in the water and on the Northern Beaches iconic sands.

“As a kid I remember being obsessed with seeing waves from underneath, to the point of wearing goggles in the ocean so I could see everything super clear and swim along sandbanks and under breaking waves. It’s so cool under there, everything’s moving yet weirdly suspended, totally different world.”

She started surfing young, and like most kids from Narrabeen has kept the saltwater running fast and thick through her veins with a life long love of gliding along ocean peaks.

“I started round 5 or 6, with my dad and older brother Paul, out the front of our family home along Narrabeen beach. My first fibreglass board was an old red chunky 5’4 originally from QLD. It was a nightmare to duckdive but I was obsessed with it. I still have it actually, perfect flat day board. After that I just progressed like any other surf obsessed kid – surf all day, everyday, with friends, regardless of the conditions.?

Like many, she identifies with the the symbolism of being at home in the water… “The ocean really is my ultimate happy place. How something can make you feel so at peace is amazing. It has this really cute ability to put life into perspective too. Definitely enjoy it most at dusk. That last hour when the sun’s dropping away, everything’s a shad of gold, the wind dies and life’s still. Growing up I was definitely spoilt with it being on my doorstep, but the past 3 years I’ve had some long stints away for travel and work, and its made me aware of how much I appreciate it. It’s my first love and my oldest friend – comforting, familiar and relaxing.”

Tessa (right) with Co-star Jess - Photo by Banjo

Tessa (right) with Co-star Jess on set of Home & Away – Photo by Banjo

She is one of the most natural humans in front of the camera and has spent much of her late teens and early 20’s as a face on the small screen including television commercials, magazines and glamour shoots. More recently she landed a leading international roll which has taken her across to the other side of the world.

“My for the last 3 years was relocated to Germany. I’ve been pursuing acting for the last 5 yrs and was lucky to snag a job that took me to Hannover to film for 4 months. It’s an Australian/German TV series called ‘In Your Dreams’ ( ) and we actually shot the first season in 2012 and now back for season 2. I feel very fortunate, it’s pretty amazing to be able to travel while doing something I love. But the obvious lack of ocean time does take it toll!”

As of April 2015 you can catch Tessa on Australian soap Home and Away a job that has landed her on camera, at home and in the surf. She says “It’s great being part of the Home and Away cast. We do long days shooting and its hard work but wouldn’t trade it for the world – basically it’s a dream job and with the added bonus of working on one of the most picturesque beaches in Australia. Win!”

We asked Tessa to the sentence…

When I’m 70 … Oh boy who knows. Hopefully I’ll be that crazy surfing granny living with a big family, couple of chickens and a vegie patch.

In the morning the first thing I most often think about is… How consistently weird my dreams are.

The glass is… overflowing with optimism

Tomorrow you’ll find me… At work, on set, living a double life.




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