Terrene Black World Champion

Terrene Black Is The New World Champion


Australia’s Terrene Black has been crowned 2017 APP World Racing Champion after winning events in both Japan and Maui this year.

The Association of Paddlesurf Professionals tour was first started in 2012 and this year rand from February until December featuring eight stops including Tokyo, Hainan, Canary Islands, Scharbeutz and Hawaii. There are 12 women competing in the racing division and 18 in the surfing division.

Despite having some bad press recently after not including women in the 2017 Red Bull Heavy Water event in San Fransisco we are overwhelmingly stoked to celebrate the newest World Champion of ocean sports. The events and courses contested by these athletes would make most people weak at the knees. They require skill, strength and staminer at the highest level.

After the final points were tallied it was revealed that Terrene was the recipient of her maiden World Title this week. We had a chat to her about the highs and lows of the season as well as the future of paddleboarding and took some time to congratulate her on achieving her dream as well as some tips for those who are still on their journey to the top.

The Mermaid Society: Wow! Congratulations on an amazing win, your first world title. You must be stoked?
Terrene Black: It feels pretty special to be awarded this now, and have the chance to  reflect on my performances from earlier in the season. It’s been such a long year and, but it’s been my most consistent ever. I’m excited for what the 2018 season has in store.

Terrene Black 2017 World Champion

ISA World Games in Denmark.

TMS: What was your most challenging point this year as well as your greatest success?
TB: The most challenging for me was the mental aspect. I do so many races and they all mean something to me. You’ve got to get not only your body in race mode, but also your head, so you can go out there and perform your best time after time, it’s a real challenge.
Finishing M2O is always extremely challenging, yet so rewarding, but the highlight was winning the team relay at the ISA Worlds in Denmark. I love traveling as part of team Australia. We all back and support one another and to come out as the overall champions was the icing on the cake.

TMS: Competitive racing is excelling and gaining so much momentum, especially for the women, and you guys are incredible athletes. Where do you see the sport in the next five years?
TB: Yeah, with out a doubt the women who are competing in SUP paddling are incredibly strong athletes. I’d like to see it continue to grow through support and equal opportunity for the women. I believe focusing on what makes the sport so unique like technical and surf racing is where it’s at. But, I also see a place in endurance races where drafting and strategy comes into play. These type of events would do well in an Olympic setting. I can see it becoming an Olympic sport one day but yeah, utilising the aspects of what makes it different, like buoy turns and paddle skills.

TMS: It’s on the Olympic track for sure! So, for every girl who dreams of being a World Champ, what is your little word of advice or a key inspirational thought that helped you achieve your dream?
TB: You can do it! Just keep your eyes on the goal. Every time you train, remind yourself why you are doing it. If you find it hard or your not enjoying it, find something in each training session which was cool. For example, seeing the sunrise or you saw a pod of dolphins or you caught some good waves. I sometimes take satisfaction on the horrible days knowing that no one else is out there on the water.
In the end, it is all worth it. It may take many years and many hurdles but every loss is a lesson and every hurdle makes you stronger.

Terrene Black 2017 World Champion

APP Japan event.

Terrene Black 2017 World Champion

The APP Japan event

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