Taj’s Small Fries 10th Anniversary Event in Western Australia Results

Yallingup in Western Australia was the location of the 10th anniversary event of Taj Burrow’s Small Fries groms event over the weekend. With it’s typical good waves on a 3 foot clean swell and shallow banks the girls had a great run of waves over the 3 day period to battle it out and have fun on the beach.

Taj was on the beach over the event to provided the kids with first hand competition experience and share tips and tricks for our future stars.

Margaret River’s Mia McCarthy was looking forward to the event all Summer and made sure she was in top form to be in contention for the title. Mia battled it out with Cassia Heagele, Marnie Durant and April McPherson in the Under 16s finals with all the girls going wave for wave. Mia managed to find the highest score of the final and combo with another 6 point ride to ensure her win.

“I came second last year, so I’ve been looking forward to this event all summer,” McCarthy said. “I just want to thank Taj and everyone that makes this event so good I’m so happy.”

Mia McCarthy (Margaret River)_Woolacott

Mia McCarthy Photo by Nick Woolacott / Surfing WA

In the Under 14s division it was Queensland power grom, 11 year old Zahli Kelly who decided she didn’t come from the East Coast to loose and so took on April McPherson, Emma Cattlin and Jamaica Selby in a great final with determination and serious style to edge out April who was just point behind her in the final score.

Zahli wasn’t stopping there with her West Coast domination making the finals of the Under 12s as well taking on Coral Durant, Taiana Duncan and Summer Sheppherd all from Western Australia. Zahli gained a significant lead and had a clean finish with a 5 point lead over Coral who came in 2nd.

Zahli Kelly Photo by Nick Woolacott / Surfing WA

Zahli Kelly Photo by Nick Woolacott / Surfing WA


16 & Under Girls:

1. Mia McCarthy (Margaret River, WA) – 11.50pts
2. Cassia Haegele (Exmouth, WA) – 11.3pts
3. Marine Durant (Carnarvon, WA) – 10.60pts
4. April McPherson (Mandurah, WA) – 9.95pts

14 & Under Girls:

1. Zahli Kelly (Wooloowin, QLD) – 13.75pts
2. April McPherson (Mandurah, WA) – 12.90pts
3. Emma Cattlin (Yallingup, WA) – 11.70pts
4. Jamaica Selby (Margaret River, WA) – 11.50pts

12 & Under Girls:

1. Zahli Kelly (Wooloowin, QLD) – 14.85pts
2. Coral Durant (Carnarvon, WA) – 9.40pts
3. Taiana Duncan (Kalbarri, WA) – 4.20pts
4. Summer Shepherd (Albany, WA) – 3.50pts

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