CLIP OF THE WEEK // PHILIPPA ANDERSON  Video by Philippa's Dad & Shane Blue Soundtrack 'Knife' by Bad Pony This week a surprise swell and offshore autumn winds threw out some nice looking waves on the New South Wales coastline. Looks like top-running

(Top photo of Bonnie by Shaun Tuncliffe) 25th February 2015 Since it's inception into the world of soap operas in 1998, Home and Away has portrayed a laid back, iconic Aussie lifestyle and endless Summer in Summer Bay (or Palm Beach NSW, Australia).

STORY BY SALLY MAC We are all mermaids for one reason, mainly because we love the beach, we love the ocean, we love the waves, we love to play, laugh, slide, glide and get rolled around amongst the wild and woolly

TRAVEL // EMMA-JANE EELES If you're in Australia and have nothing locked in for holidays but are on the hunt for some fun waves in beautiful locations that you might have never been before? I've put together a list of my Top