Earlier this year the best longboarders in the world descended upon Bali to take part in the Deus Ladies Longboard Invitational and 9 Foot & Single event. Leah Dawson, Kassia Maedor, Mele Saili, Lola Mignot and Karina Rozunko amongst a very talented line

1st June 2015 (TOP Leah Dawson stylin a monster photo by Hatsumi) The Deus 9' & Single Log Fest, was a four-day celebration of all things logger-love. It brought together some of the world's most inspirational and stylish longboarders and put them out

Here's the ever inspirational Leah Dawson's newest short film as part of her Sea Appreciation Project is about Julune in Indonesia. Leah gets perfect barrels and waves where ever she goes so it's no surprise that this clip would be any