Kelia Moniz is at it again. Grabbing international attention for some gnarly-graceful surfing. This time she's in Tahiti at the world's heaviest wave where wipe-outs are death-defying and terrifying. Not for the faint-hearted and you wouldn't think for the long

In 2014 there was just one ASP World Tour Longboard event for the ladies but there were 9 World Qualifying Events in Peru, NSW, Western Australia, Japan, Hawaii, France and China. Leading up to the World Championship event in Wanning, China,

“Did that just happen? I can’t believe it!” Chelsea Williams (Top Photo Chelsea Williams by ASP/Will Hayden-Smith)  The girls could not have wished for better conditions for the 2014 GoPro World Longboard Titles in Wanning, China. It was offshore 3-4 foot long