Jenna Harrod grew up on the Central Coast spending most of her time lifeguarding, training to be an ironwoman and surfing. After moving to Sydney to pursue her professional career she needed a new physical challenge to keep her fit so she  began

Last night 2 of our mermaid contributors Katie Williams and Jordie Mercer (pictured above with Jessica Fox and Sally Fitzgibbons) attended the coveted Australian Women's Health Women in Sport Awards in Sydney. The event was held at the Establishment and looked

Beach Fit Challenge 004 – Progressive Sit Up Jumps They will get you moving. So far our mermaid and World Champion Beach Sprinter, Katie Williams has challenged us with the… CHALLENGE 001 PUSH UP CLIMBERS CHALLENGE 002 DYNAMIC LUNGES CHALLENGE 003 EXTREME BURPIES Here is the 4th Challenge The Progressive

Katie Williams is about to turn 21 and can run faster than a lot of people, in fact she runs faster than most people on sand which is bloody hard. She's a true mermaid living her whole life on the