Jordan Magic Mercer Makes it 5 Winning the Molokai to Oahu World Title in 2015 (TOP - Jordan Mercer photo by Red Bull Content Pool)   27th July 2015 - 21 year old Australian Ironwoman and champion paddle boarder JORDAN MERCER has won her 5th Molokai

Anyone involved in the world of water like us Mermaids know of the Hawaiian Molokai to Oahu World Paddleboard Championships. It is one of the toughest paddle challenges in the world, 55 kilometres of paddling solo or in a team of

  Interview by The Mermaid Society with Jordie Mercer Back in the 80's and 90's the Iron Man and Iron Women events were massive. Names like Trevor Hendy, Guy Leech Dean and Darren Mercer and Lisa Curry were on the TV all the