Photo by Troy Ikaikanui Vore-Ho We've been following the barreling good times of Hawaiian twins Ginger and Jasmine Banner and each time you see one of their 'tube-tacular' photos pop up you feel an elation, a happiness, a sense of pure STOKE.

Alexandra Rinder Wins Arica Chilean Challenge 2015 (TOP- Alexandra Rinder throws a 9 point ride and back-flip Photo by PABLO JIMENEZ)    26th July 2015 - The world's best women of bodyboarding took to the water today for the final day of the

In the ramp up to our campaign starting in July "BRING BACK THE BOOGIE" we have been coming across so many amazing stories of mermaids who love to and are so talented with their bodyboards. Having a brood of kids

Last week we caught some Summer waves with the super twins of Australia's new generation of the bodyboarding world. Teigan and Sam Gillett from just north of Sydney, Australia, are 17 years old and are making the right moves on their

(Top Photo Teresa Almeida by ISA /Rommel Gonzales) Iquique, Chile, was the destination of the ISA World Bodyboard Championships this week. Portugal's Teresa Almeida (12.83) has won the Open Women's division against Anne Cecile Lacoste (8.10), Neymara Carvalho (8.66) and Yuleiner Gonzalez (6.97). Peru's Carolina Botteri

On Friday night 24 year old Isabela Sousa from Brazil was crowned Riptide Australian Bodyboard Association's Bodyboarder of the year. Lilly Pollard said "I also honestly agree that Isabela Sousa is definitely deserving of the Female Bodyboarder of the Year,