ALICE FORREST // WORLD OCEANS DAY  The Future Of The Ocean: A Positive View The Five Biggest Impacts Facing Our Oceans, plus Five Easy Ways You Can Make A Difference. Don’t worry, this is not another doom & gloom article about how

ALICE FORREST // ENVIRONMENT  Ingestion of plastic by fish destined for human consumption in remote South Pacific Islands This week my research findings - on plastic inside commonly eaten fish in the South Pacific - were published in the Australian Journal of Maritime

Story by Alice Forrest Last week saw a conservative estimate of the amount of plastic in our oceans set at 5 trillion pieces. It also saw a Risso’s dolphin wash up on a Sydney beach, with a plastic bag in its gut.

Story by Alice Forrest I’m currently anchored out at the legendary Cloudbreak, Fiji on a catamaran watching a white froth of waves breaking along the horizon. However it isn’t the perfect peeling waves or the rainbow wonderland of snorkelling that have

Story by Alice Forrest After over 36 long hours stranded on Queensland’s Palm Beach, a juvenile humpback was rescued on Thursday morning and is now swimming free. Alongside ORRCA volunteers  the rescuers spent many exhausting hours working to get her to freedom. Teams