Surfing America Championships 2015

22nd June 2015

(TOP Caroline Marks photo by Surfing America)

The USA regional champions gathered at Trestles over the last week to take on the world famous waves in order to gain a spot on the 2015/2016 Surfing America USA Surf Team. (See also Longboard & Sup Championships)

All the big names of the season worked hard throwing spray, going vertical and pushing the limits of their surfing in a 2-3 foot swell at Lowers. The Under 18s saw the likes of Mahina Maeda, Tia Blanco and Zoe McDougall surfing at their international standard and inspiring the younger girls.

Rachel Presti made her way to California from Florida for the Championships as well as the NSSA Championships this week, she said “The waves were pretty fun but a bit weird with some waves approaching from the side. You had to really wait and pick the good set waves to maximise your points.” Rachel is also looking forward to competing in all 4 divisions at the NSSA and hopes to get herself up on the podium this week!

Alyssa Spencer and Caroline Marks both won a division between the U14s and U12s. The two have had an incredible season with a number of wins each. This week’s event was the culmination of their hard work and skill in the water.

Alyssa said on social media “I’m beyond stoked to make it back on the USA surf team with a win in the Under 12 girls and a 2nd in the under 14s at the championships. Congratulations to all the girls in the competition, everyone was ripping.”

Caroline Marks took it one step further and defended her Under 14s title from 2014 and said “I’m so stoked to defend my title and with the under 14s division and be on the USA surf team. Thank you everyone for the support.”

Tia Blanco backed up an amazing month of top results with her Under 18’s win as well as the Governor’s Cup. Tia’s surfing is going from strength to strength and we’re sure to see bigger things coming to this power surfer over Summer.

Meah Collins kept the girls busy putting some of the highest scores of the week up for her competitors to chase and took home a 3rd place in the under 16s. She said “Everyone was surfing insane all week and I’m so stoked to be ale to have competed.”

Rachel Presti // Surfing America

Rachel Presti // Surfing America

Surfing America Championship Results 2015


Under 18 Girls

1st Tia Blanco
2nd Brisa Hennessy
3rd Kahanu Delovio
4th Mahina Maeda


Under 16 Girls

1st Brisa Hennessy
2nd Caroline Marks
3rd Meah Collins
4th Summer Macedo


Under 14 Girls

1st Caroline Marks
2nd Alyssa Spencer
3rd Gabriella Bryan
4th Tiare Thompson


Under 12 Girls

1st Alyssa Spencer
2nd Leila Riccobuano
3rd Gabby Knudson
4th Luana Silva

Zoe McDougall // Surfing America

Zoe McDougall // Surfing America


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