Surf Essentials Part 1

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The surf industry is continually expanding, each brand is continually bringing out new products to get one up on the other. It’s hard to know what’s what, or what’s best. This is a list of our fave products and the things that make life a little easier or just awesome. (* None of these products are here as part of any advertising contract they are rated amazing purely by The Mermaid Society)


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Ocean and Earth have developed this great wax. It comes in small triangular pieces just like a Toblerone chocolate bar. It doesn’t contain petroleum so its good for the environment and stays sticky but doesn’t get slippery. If you like Sexwax this will be your new favourite.

The small pieces are good so you don’t wreck the whole block with sand or loose it to a random you’ve kindly loaned it to. Technologically Shnap is the best wax because the smaller pieces mean smaller, tighter bumps. The triangle shape is the perfect grip. Available for Cold, Cool, Warm or Tropical water temps.

You can grab it online from Ocean and Earth $4.99… We reckon you’ll love it!


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It used to be all fine when cars didn’t have electronic keys, you could just tie the key into your boardies or wetsuit. These days – not so cool. Get yourself a Tools Keybox. You set your own combination put your car key in and lock it to your car door or tow hook. Easy to use and you don’t have to worry about watching your towel on the beach.

Buy it online from Tools Surf Australia $49.99


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This is dead-set the best invention of 2014.

It’s like a normal poncho towel but it’s waterproof on the outside so you can stand in the rain at comps, get changed in the rain orrrr…… the best bit…. you can drive home in your cozzie or wetsuit and you won’t wreck your (or parents) car seats or seat belt. No more awkward changing trying to hold up your towel, no more salt-damaged car interior.

Seriously get yourself one of these you won’t regret it. Pick it up online from Ocean and Earth $89.99


Ok, so there are 2 versions of the boy leg spring suit… The Rip Curl Alana Blanchard with the high-cut back-sides and the useless zip at the front that fills the suit up with water every time your duck dive. OR there is the amazingly life-changing O’neill Bahia 3:2mm $159.99 or the Roxy Syncro 2mm $149.99

They are both much for a muchness, but the O’neill is a bit thicker with the 3mm. They are both durable (I’ve had my Bahia for 3 years, surf most days and the arms are only just wearing). The best thing about these suits is you’re not pulling up your bikini bottoms the whole time or adjusting the tops and they provide sun protection and a little warmth to keep you out in the line up longer. Highly recommend either these 2 models.



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