Surf Circuit of Guanacasteco: Playa Negra, Costa Rica

12th May 2015

(Top photo Leilani Aguirre by BADfish Photography)

On the North West coast of Costa Rica the Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf was taking place at Playa Negra, a perfect break point with a perfect right hand barrelling wave. The picturesque beach has a lot of rocks along the point making the low tide waves pitch perfect hollow barrels.

The Association promote a high level of surfing and competition in Costa Rica and also have a great junior development program and division in their events called the “Dolphins”. The girls competing in the Dolphins are absolutely charging and there in no doubt we will be seeing them on the world stage in a decade.

On the weekend of the 9th and 10th May the girls were lucky to have 5-6 foot waves in perfect offshore conditions for the last event of the 2014/15 circuit.

Emily Gussoni photo by BADfish Photography

Emily Gussoni photo by BADfish Photography

It was Peru’s Leilani Aguirre who dominated both the Open Women’s and Junior Women’s divisions with some remarkable carves and vertical re-entries on the hollow waves.

Leilani said after her wins, “We were so lucky with perfect conditions perfect waves off shore all day. It’s such  great wave at Playa Negra and we were happy to get to surf it on a good tide. All the girls were surfing really well and making the most of the conditions.

1) Leilani Aguirre
2) Baily Nagy
3) Emily Gussoni
4) Serena Nava

1) Leilani Aguirre
2) Zulay Martinez
3) Emily Gussoni
4) Coral Wiggins

1) Emily Gussoni
2) Coral Wiggins
3) Serena Nava
4) Kirra Williams

Thanks to Leilani for her contribution to this story!
Leilani is supported by Billabong South America, Sticky Bumps, Skullcandy, Stance Socks, Neff


Baily Nagy photo by BADfish Photography

Baily Nagy photo by BADfish Photography

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