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Story by Skye Burgess

I’ve just spent another 3 weeks in Mexico after the contest in Cabo, got on a plane to a place some of us had never heard of and off we went. (I can’t specify the name; the locals don’t like it getting it and are already angry at the amount of people starting to surf there.)

It was about a 2 hour flight from Cabo, then an hour taxi, quick 3 hours on a bus, which actually had aircon, wifi, movies, and reclined seats – then another 10 minute taxi at midnight to our hotel and we had arrived.

photo: Myles McGuinness

photo: Myles McGuinness

We woke up to a 6ft beachie, the first day was a little wobbly but as the week went on it was the most perfect beach break I’ve ever seen, A-frame barrels along the stretch. It was also the heaviest place I’ve ever surfed. Even a 2ft wave can take the board from your hands while duck diving.


The guys out the back of the hotel were constantly busy with snapped boards, every day without a doubt someone would snap one. The only bad thing about the place was the wind came up at midday and there was absolutely nothing else to do, and if you were lucky you would get an hour before dark when the wind died.

mexico boards

We got to see a weekend of solid waves, 15-20ft beach break. The boys were taking out 8ft boards and said they still felt too small. They had to paddle out at the river and paddle 1km back up the beach. We woke up early and sat there for hours watching, it was so amazing.One of the guys got held under for 2 waves and got sucked up and his boardies and rash vest and go pro all got ripped off.

mexico Skye

After 2 weeks of waves it dropped off and we finally got to do a turn for the first time. All up it was a great trip. Very hot and got attacked by mozzies, but had some amazing waves and some of the best tacos of my life.

We’ve just arrived in California to watch the Vans US Open of Surf at Huntington Beach and straight after that I’m competing in the Supergirl Pro just down the road at Oceanside. At the moment the surf is 1ft and dribble, not looking promising. TAKE ME BACK TO MEXICO ANY DAY!

mexico skye burgess

no boardies mexico

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